This is a complete list of players who played for the Atlanta Flames in the National Hockey League (NHL). It includes players that have played at least one regular season or playoff game for the Atlanta Flames from their founding in 1972 until their relocation to Calgary in 1980. A total of 93 players wore the "Flaming A" — six goaltenders and 87 skaters. Three players captured individual awards during their time in Atlanta: Eric Vail (1975) and Willi Plett (1977) won the Calder Memorial Trophy as rookie of the year, while Bob MacMillan won the Lady Byng Trophy as the most gentlemanly player in the NHL in 1979.

The Atlanta Flames all-time leading scorer was Tom Lysiak, who recorded 431 points in six seasons in Atlanta. Vail led the team in goals with 174. Goaltender Dan Bouchard was the team's top goaltender. A Flame for all eight seasons the team called Atlanta home, Bouchard won 164 games, while posting a team best 3.00 career goals against average in Atlanta.


Nat Nationality
GP Games Played

W Wins SO Shutouts
L Losses GAA Goals against average
T Ties SV% Save percentage

Pos Position RW Right Wing A Assists
D Defenseman C Centre P Points
LW Left Wing G Goals PIM Penalty minutes


Nat Seasons Regular season Playoffs Notes
Belanger, Yves1977–197922810014.08
Bouchard, Dan1972–198038416413472203.001211103.59
Craig, Jim1979–1980412103.79
Lemelin, Rejean1978–198021810103.6710000.00
Myre, Phil1972–1978211769532113.2051403.53
Riggin, Pat1979–198025119223.20


Eric vail atlanta flames 1978

Eric Vail in 1978.

Nat Pos Seasons Regular season Playoffs Notes
Adduono, Rick C1979–198030002
Arnason, Chuck RW1973–197433761313
Beaudoin, Serge D1979–198030000
Bennett, Curt C1972–1978
Bialowas, Dwight D1973–197548391222
Boldirev, Ivan C1978–1980652230542620222
Botting, Cam RW1975–197620110
Bowness, Rick RW1975–19773304429
Brown, Arnie D1972–1974633694640000
Byers, Jerry F1974–1975141129
Carr, Gene C1979–1980303811610000
Carriere, Larry D1975–19771006182411220002
Chouinard, Guy F1974–1980318126168294561355104
Clement, Bill C1975–198029769107176136131236
Comeau, Rey C1972–19784688812621415392138
Deadmarsh, Butch LW1972–19746171897400017
Ecclestone, Tim RW1974–19782202862909240226
Flett, Bill RW1975–19771022721483620000
Fox, Greg D1977–197980114159520118
Gibbs, Barry D1974–197820813556821851014
Gorman, Dave RW1979–198030000
Gould, Bobby F1979–198010000
Gould, John LW1976–19791943550854770004
Gratton, Norm RW1972–19732936912
Graves, Hilliard RW1974–197717237549163
Harris, Ron D1972–1973242468
Harvey, Fred RW1974–19768017274416
Henderson, Paul LW1979–1980307613640000
Hextall Jr., Bryan F1973–1975114202040117401116
Hicke, Ernie LW1972–19735814233737
Hogaboam, Bill C1972–197320000
Houston, Ken D1975–1980350911081993321011230
Ingarfield Jr., Earl LW1979–19801000020110
Kea, Ed D1973–1979316229211428380119
Ketter, Kerry D1972–19734102258
Kryskow, Dave F1975–1976791525406520002
Lalonde, Bobby C1977–198015438569432020
Laurence, Don C1978–1979591420346
Leiter, Bob C1972–197623464811454140002
Lemieux, Jean D1973–19761401038483541120
Lemieux, Richard C1975–19761011020000
Lever, Don F1979–198028141630441120
Lysiak, Tom F1973–19794451552764313291125712Captain — 1977–1979
MacMillan, Bill C1972–19737810152552
MacMillan, Bob C1977–1980208901312215080339Lady Byng Trophy1979
Manery, Randy D1972–19773773014217224290224
Marsh, Brad D1978–198016022830220601119
Martineau, Don RW1973–197440002
McCreary, Keith LW1972–19752314950999140000Captain — 1972–1975
McDonough, Al RW1973–197435109191540002
Meehan. Gerry LW1974–1976621130418
Mercredi, Vic LW1974–197520000
Mohns, Doug D1973–19742803310
Morrison, Lew RW1972–197412911142519
Mulhern, Richard D1975–197920725679215350335
Murdoch, Bob D1978–19801151027377261126
Murray, Bob D1973–19751043695641012
Nilsson, Kent F1979–1980804053931040002
O'Flaherty, Gerry RW1978–197911012
Paradise, Bob D1972–197489189116
Phillipoff, Harold F1977–197911826537924120112
Picard, Noel D1972–1973410101043
Plager, Bill D1972–1973762111392
Plett, Willi F1976–19802969183174738930363Calder Trophy1977
Price, Noel D1972–19761995404516040006
Pronovost, Jean RW1978–198015552581104262022Captain — 1979–1980
Quinn, Pat D1972–197737412879955570118Captain — 1975–1977
Rautakallio, Pekka D1979–198079525301840112
Redmond, Dick D1977–197842711181621010
Reinhart, Paul D1979–1980799384731
Ribble, Pat D1976–197916912304216840118
Richard, Jacques C1972–1975215574610310840002
Rochefort, Leon F1972–197411019304923
Romanchych, Larry C1972–1975
Rota, Darcy F1978–19805719133270201126
Russell, Phil D1978–19809363743143601115
Seiling, Rod D1978–1979360441220000
Shand, David D1976–19802881463773241101157
Simpson, Bobby LW1976–19781272318419440112
Smith, Brad F1979–198040004
St. Sauveur, Claude C1975–1976792424482320000
Stefaniw, Morris C1972–1973131122
Stewart, John LW1972–197414235326771400010
Talafous, Dean F1974–19751814513
Unger, Garry C1979–1980791716333940332
Vail, Eric F1973–19804691742093832231456116Calder Trophy1975
Wappel, Gord D1979–19802000020004
Zaharko, Miles D1977–197871119202610000


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