This is a complete list of ice hockey players who have played for the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim/Anaheim Ducks franchise in the National Hockey League (NHL). It includes players that have played at least one match, either in the NHL regular season or in the NHL playoffs.


  †  Appeared in a Ducks game during the 2008–09 NHL season and is still part of the team.

'The seasons column lists the first year of the season of the player's first game and the last year of the season of the player's last game. For example, a player who played one game in the 2000–01 season would be listed as playing with the team from 2000–01, regardless of what calendar year the game occurred within.

Statistics are complete to the end of the 2007–08 NHL season.


Nat Seasons Regular season Playoffs Notes
Askey, TomFlag of the United States1997-1999701202.64.89410104.00.818
Bryzgalov, IlyaFlag of Russia2001–20086926230822.48.909169531.69.937SC 2007
Caron, SebastienFlag of Canada2006–2007100002.14.833
Gerber, MartinFlag of Switzerland2002–2004541723732.13.92320003.00.833
Giguere, Jean-SebastienFlag of Canada2000–20093811831372325292.37.91751331762.10.925Conn Smythe Trophy2003
SC 2007
Hebert, GuyFlag of the United States1993–200144117320252272.75.911134712.67.913
Hiller, JonasFlag of Switzerland2007–200923107102.06.927
Naumenko, GreggFlag of the United States2000–2001201006.00.759
O'Neill, MikeFlag of Canada1996–1997100005.81.700
Roussel, DominicFlag of Canada1998–2001511215922.85.901
Shields, SteveFlag of Canada2001–200233920202.67.907
Shtalenkov, MikhailFlag of Russia1993–199812234531133.14.89740302.84.938
Tugnutt, RonFlag of Canada1993–1994281015113.00.908
Wall, MichaelFlag of Canada2006–2007422002.99.877


Nat Pos Seasons Regular season Playoffs Notes
Aalto, Antti Flag of FinlandC1997–20011511117285240002
Antoski, Shawn Flag of CanadaLW1996–19981110120
Armstrong, Chris Flag of CanadaD2003–200440110
Balmochnykh, Maxim Flag of RussiaLW1999–200060112
Banham, Frank Flag of CanadaRW1996–1998
Bannister, Drew Flag of CanadaD1997–1998
Baumgartner, Ken Flag of CanadaLW1995–199779012122231101111
Bawa, Robin Flag of CanadaC1993–1994120117
Beauchemin, FrancoisFlag of CanadaD2005–2009214176683149427101753SC 2007
Beleskey, MattFlag of CanadaLW2008–2009First season in Anaheim
Bellows, Brian Flag of CanadaLW1996–19976215132822112462
Bergeron, Marc-Andre Flag of CanadaD2007–200890114
Bertuzzi, Todd Flag of CanadaRW2007–20086814264097602214
Bets, Maxim Flag of RussiaLW1993–199430000
Bochenski, Brandon Flag of the United StatesRW2007–2008122246
Bodie, TroyFlag of CanadaRW2008–2009First season in Anaheim
Brennan, Kip Flag of CanadaLW2005–20061201135
Brent, Tim Flag of CanadaC2006–2007151016
Brimanis, Aris Flag of the United StatesD2001–200250009
Brookbank, SheldonFlag of CanadaD2008–2009First season in Anaheim
Brown, Mike Flag of CanadaLW2002–20031611244
Brown, Mike S.Flag of the United StatesRW2008–2009First season in Anaheim
Burnett, Garrett Flag of CanadaLW2003–200439123184
Butsayev, Vyacheslav Flag of RussiaC1995–199671010
Bylsma, Dan Flag of the United StatesLW2000–200420910223262110112
Campbell, Jim Flag of the United StatesRW1995–19961623536
Carnback, Patrik Flag of SwedenRW1993–1996148243862120
Carney, Keith Flag of the United StatesD2001–20062711348611852104416
Carter, RyanFlag of the United StatesC2006–20093444836100006SC 2007
Chistov, Stanislav Flag of RussiaRW2002–2004
Chouinard, Marc Flag of CanadaC2000–200315910132362151010
Christensen, ErikFlag of CanadaC2008–2009First season in Anaheim
Corkum, Bob Flag of the United StatesC1993–199616838448269
Crowley, Mike Flag of the United StatesD1997–1999
Cullen, Matt Flag of the United StatesC1997–20034276513520016840000
Cummins, Jim Flag of the United StatesRW2000–2002815611167-----
Daigneault, J. J. Flag of CanadaD1996–19986642428501127916
Davidsson, Johan Flag of SwedenC1998–2000694591610000
DiPenta, Joe Flag of CanadaD2005–2008171516211103200017SC 2007
Dirk, Robert Flag of CanadaD1994–19968225798
Dollas, Bobby Flag of CanadaD1993–1998305286189213110004
Donato, Ted Flag of the United StatesLW1999–20008111193026
Douris, Peter Flag of CanadaRW1993–199615130407042
Drury, Ted Flag of the United StatesC1996–2000232212647225141014
Ebbett, AndrewFlag of CanadaC2007–200930002
Ewen, Todd Flag of CanadaRW1993–1996153131225647
Fedorov, Sergei Flag of RussiaC2003–20068531356644
Fedoruk, Todd Flag of CanadaLW2005–200786422262101200016
Fedotov, Anatoli Flag of RussiaD1993–199430000
Ferguson, Scott Flag of CanadaD1998–199920110
Ferner, Mark Flag of CanadaD1993–19956436936
Festerling, BrettFlag of CanadaD2008–2009First season in Anaheim
Friesen, Jeff Flag of CanadaLW2000–2002
Gavey, Aaron Flag of CanadaC2005–200650002
Getzlaf, RyanFlag of CanadaC2005–2009216631161791824312172941SC 2007
Gillies, Trevor Flag of CanadaLW2005–2006100021
Glencross, Curtis Flag of CanadaLW2006–200721012
Green, Travis Flag of CanadaC1997–1999
Grimson, Stu Flag of CanadaLW1993–1995
Haller, Kevin Flag of CanadaD1998–20001494111518340002
Hankinson, Casey Flag of the United StatesLW2003–200440004
Hartigan, Mark Flag of CanadaC2006–20076000410000SC 2007
Havelid, Niclas Flag of SwedenD1999–2004310246185152210442
Hedican, BretFlag of the United StatesD2008–2009First season in Anaheim
Hedstrom, Jonathan Flag of SwedenRW2002–2003
Hicks, Alex Flag of CanadaLW1995–19978212172951
Hill, Sean Flag of the United StatesD1993–1994687202778
Hnidy, Shane Flag of CanadaD2007–20083312330
Holan, Milos Flag of the Czech RepublicD1994–1996414101438
Holmqvist, Michael Flag of SwedenC2003–20042120225
Houda, Doug Flag of CanadaD1997–19982412352
Houlder, Bill Flag of CanadaD1993–19948014253940
Hrkac, TonyFlag of CanadaC1999–200114017324937
Huskins, Kent Flag of CanadaD2006–2009142622281002702213SC 2007
Jackman, Ric Flag of CanadaD2006–200724110111071122SC 2007
Janssens, Mark Flag of CanadaC1996–19986747111631100015
Johnson, Craig Flag of the United StatesLW2003–20043912314
Jomphe, Jean-Francois Flag of CanadaC1995–1998104102939100
Jonsson, Jorgen Flag of SwedenC1999–2000131230
Kariya, Paul Flag of CanadaLW1994–20036063003696692133514152910Team Captain, 1996-2003
Lady Byng Trophy1996, 1997
Karpa, Dave Flag of CanadaD1994–199824574350788811220
Karpov, Valeri Flag of RussiaD1994–19977614152932
Kasatonov, Alexei Flag of RussiaD1993–1994554182243
Kilger, Chad Flag of CanadaLW1995–199645571222
King, Jason Flag of CanadaRW2007–200840000
King, Steven Flag of the United StatesRW1993–1994
Kjellberg, Patric Flag of SwedenD2001–200314115193426100000
Klee, Ken Flag of the United StatesD2008–200930004
Knutsen, Espen Flag of NorwayD1997–1998193036
Kohn, Ladislav Flag of the Czech RepublicRW1999–20011289192869
Kondratiev, Maxim Flag of RussiaD2007–200840000
Konopka, Zenon Flag of CanadaC2005–20062343748
Krivokrasov, Sergei Flag of RussiaRW2001–20021712319
Krog, Jason Flag of CanadaC2002–200414716274328213144
Krygier, Todd Flag of the United StatesLW1994–19969520395980
Kunitz, Chris Flag of CanadaLW2003–2004
31381111192297354121635SC 2007
Kurri, Jari Flag of FinlandRW1996–19978213223512111234
Kurvers, Tom Flag of the United StatesD1994–1995224376
Ladouceur, Randy Flag of CanadaD1993–199618841620157Team Captain, 1994-1995
Lambert, Denny Flag of CanadaLW1994–1996
Lebeau, Stephan Flag of CanadaC1993–19956014203426
Leboutillier, Peter Flag of CanadaRW1996–199835213176
Leclerc, Mike Flag of CanadaLW1996–2004291547813225123291112
Lilley, John Flag of the United StatesC1993–199623381113
Loach, Lonnie Flag of CanadaLW1993–199430002
Loney, Troy Flag of CanadaLW1993–1994621361988Team Captain, 1993-1994
Lupul, Joffrey Flag of CanadaRW2003–20061564146877616921131
Marchant, ToddFlag of the United StatesC2005–2009192234164138335131826SC 2007
Marha, Josef Flag of the Czech RepublicC1997–19992275120
Marshall, Jason Flag of CanadaD2003–200469112637201111214
Martensson, Tony Flag of SwedenC2003–200461120
May, Brad Flag of CanadaLW2006–2009953710942401132SC 2007
McDonald, Andy Flag of CanadaC2000–2008391921672591623712112320SC 2007
McInnis, Marty Flag of the United StatesLW1998–2002272578814512742022
McIver, Nathan Flag of CanadaD2008–20091801136
McKay, Scott Flag of CanadaRW1993–199410000
McKenzie, Jim Flag of CanadaLW1998–2000104871514740004
McSween, Don Flag of the United StatesD1993–199638391243
Melin, Bjorn Flag of SwedenRW2006–200731010
Mikkelson, BrendanFlag of CanadaD2008–2009First season in Anaheim
Mikulchik, Oleg Flag of RussiaD1995–199680004
Miller, DrewFlag of the United StatesLW2006–200926235630002SC 2007
Miller, Kip Flag of the United StatesC1999–200030617234
Mironov, Dmitri Flag of RussiaD1996–1998128186482192111101110
Moen, Travis Flag of CanadaLW2005–200926122234533136961534SC 2007
Montador, Steve Flag of CanadaD2008–20096541620125
Moran, Ian Flag of the United StatesD2006–200710000
Moro, Marc Flag of CanadaD1997–199810000
Morrison, Brendan Flag of CanadaC2008–20096210122216
Motzko, Joe Flag of the United StatesRW2006–200730002SC 2007
Mowers, Mark Flag of the United StatesRW2007–2008171018
Nazarov, Andrei Flag of RussiaLW2000–20011610129
Nieckar, Barry Flag of CanadaLW1996–199830007
Niedermayer, RobFlag of CanadaC2002–20093034261103269609152467SC 2007
Niedermayer, ScottFlag of CanadaD2005–200920936121157198435192444Team Captain, 2005-2007
Conn Smythe Trophy2007
SC 2007
Nielsen, Jeff Flag of the United StatesRW1997–20001911719366440002
Niemi, Antti-Jussi Flag of FinlandD2000–20022911222
Nikulin, Igor Flag of RussiaRW1996–199710000
Nokelainen, PetteriFlag of FinlandC2008–2009First season in Anaheim
Norris, Dwayne Flag of CanadaRW1995–199630112
O'Brien, Shane Flag of CanadaD2006–20076221214140
O'Connor, Myles Flag of CanadaD1993–199450116
O'Donnell, Sean Flag of CanadaD2005–2008182524292024336935SC 2007
O'Sullivan, Chris Flag of the United StatesD2002–200320110
Oates, Adam Flag of CanadaC2002–20036793645162149136
Oksiuta, Roman Flag of RussiaRW1995–19974213122540
Olausson, Fredrik Flag of SwedenD1995–1997
Ozolinsh, Sandis Flag of LatviaD2002–200684132740482126810
Pahlsson, Samuel Flag of SwedenC2000–20095275190141252647162350SC 2007
Park, Richard Flag of KoreaRW1996–19982613418110112
Parros, GeorgeFlag of the United StatesRW2006–2009101246285600010SC 2007
Parssinen, Timo Flag of FinlandLW2001–2002170332
Penner, Dustin Flag of CanadaLW2005–200710133195272346111714SC 2007
Perry, CoreyFlag of CanadaRW2005–20092085964123213358132161SC 2007
Platt, Geoff Flag of CanadaC2007–200850002
Plavsic, Adrien Flag of CanadaD1996–199760002
Popovic, Mark Flag of CanadaD2003–200410000
Pronger, ChrisFlag of CanadaD2006–20091382577102197255152038Team Captain, 2007-2009
SC 2007
Pronger, Sean Flag of CanadaC1995–19981081223355690224
Prospal, Vaclav Flag of the Czech RepublicC2003–20048219355454
Pushor, Jamie Flag of CanadaD1997–19998014512240006
Reichert, Craig Flag of CanadaRW1996–199730000
Rome, Aaron Flag of CanadaD2006–20071000010000SC 2007
Ronnqvist, Jonas Flag of SwedenRW2000–20013804414
Rucchin, Steve Flag of CanadaC1994–200461615327943214033881612Team Captain, 2003-04
Ryan, BobbyFlag of the United StatesRW2007–2009235510620002
Rychel, Warren Flag of CanadaRW1996–19981331513284161102219
Sacco, David Flag of the United StatesLW1994–1996314121618
Sacco, Joe Flag of the United StatesLW1993–19983336268130183112022
Salcido, BrianFlag of the United StatesD2008–2009First season in Anaheim
Salei, Ruslan Flag of BelarusD1996–2006594267910573540551048
Sandstrom, Tomas Flag of FinlandRW1997–199913524254910640004
Sauer, Kurt Flag of the United StatesD2002–2004135268106211126
Sawyer, Kevin Flag of CanadaLW2000–200397336363
Schastlivy, Petr Flag of RussiaLW2003–2004222024
Schneider, Mathieu Flag of the United StatesD2007–2008651227395061018
Selanne, TeemuFlag of FinlandRW1995–2001
5823253646892805822254728Team Captain, 1997-98
Rocket Richard Trophy1999
Bill Masterton Trophy2006
SC 2007
Semenov, Anatoli Flag of RussiaC1993–19967615324726
Severson, Cam Flag of CanadaLW2002–2004333035810000
Severyn, Brent Flag of CanadaLW1997–199837134133
Shannon, Ryan Flag of the United StatesRW2006–200753291110110006SC 2007
Sillinger, Mike Flag of CanadaC1994–19967715264138
Simpson, Todd Flag of CanadaD2003–200446437105
Skalde, Jarrod Flag of CanadaC1993–19942054910
Skoula, Martin Flag of the Czech RepublicD2003–2004212792
Smirnov, Alexei Flag of RussiaLW2002–2004523362040002
St. Jacques, Bruno Flag of CanadaD2005–200611010
Stevenson, Jeremy Flag of the United StatesLW1995–1998
Sutherby, Brian Flag of CanadaC2007–2009623477650002
Sweeney, Tim Flag of the United StatesRW1993–19959117284551
Sykora, Petr Flag of the Czech RepublicRW2002–200619764671318621491312
Tenkrat, Petr Flag of the Czech RepublicRW2000–200255591422
Thomas, Steve Flag of EnglandRW2002–200312103132214488
Thomson, Jim Flag of CanadaRW1993–199460005
Thornton, Shawn Flag of CanadaLW2006–200748279881500019SC 2007
Titov, German Flag of RussiaC2000–200213722254797
Todd, Kevin Flag of CanadaC1996–1998921328415640002
Traverse, Patrick Flag of CanadaD2000–2001151016
Trebil, Dan Flag of the United StatesD1996–19995634725100118
Trepanier, Pascal Flag of CanadaD1998–200113981220175
Trnka, Pavel Flag of the Czech RepublicD1997–200332211475824840112
Tsulygin, Nikolai Flag of RussiaD1996–1997220118
Tuzzolino, Tony Flag of the United StatesRW1997–199810002
Tverdovsky, Oleg Flag of UkraineD1994–1996
Valicevic, Rob Flag of the United StatesRW2002–2003101012
Valk, Garry Flag of CanadaLW1993–1997246405292312
Van Allen, Shaun Flag of CanadaC1993–1996174246387137
Van Impe, Darren Flag of CanadaD1994–199811062531112902216
Vishnevski, Vitaly Flag of RussiaD1999–20064161137484033705516
Ward, Ed Flag of CanadaRW1999–2000810115
Ward, Lance Flag of CanadaRW2002–200475055137
Weight, Doug Flag of the United StatesC2007–20083868142050114
Whitney, RyanFlag of the United StatesD2008–2009First season in Anaheim
Williams, David Flag of the United StatesD1993–1995777172468
Wirtanen, Petteri Flag of FinlandC2007–200831012
Wisniewski, JamesFlag of the United StatesD2008–2009First season in Anaheim
Wren, Bob Flag of CanadaLW1997–1998
Wright, TylerFlag of CanadaC2005–20062522431
Yake, Terry Flag of CanadaC1993–19948221315244
York, Jason Flag of CanadaD1994–1996
Young, Scott Flag of the United StatesRW1997–19987313203322

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