Leo Joseph Lafrance (November 3, 1902 – April 7, 1993) was a Canadian professional ice hockey forward who played 31 games in the National Hockey League for the Montreal Canadiens and Chicago Black Hawks. He was born in L'Isle-aux-Allumettes, Quebec.

He played senior hockey for the Sudbury Wolves and the Iroquois Falls Papermakers, joining the Duluth Hornets in 1924. The Hornets sold him to the Montreal Canadiens in 1926. Lafrance played 4 games for them in 1926-27 and 15 games in 1927-28.

The Canadiens loaned him to the Chicago Black Hawks in the middle of the 1927-28 season and Lafrance played another 14 games for the Hawks, his last in the NHL. In 33 NHL games, Lafrance scored 2 goals.

Lafrance played in the minors until 1936, when he retired.

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