Len Wharton (born December 13, 1927 in Winnipeg, Manitoba) was a Canadian defenceman who played one game for the New York Rangers in 1944-45. He had a rather unusual twist in his career as he played in the NHL before he played junior hockey.

World War II had caused a manpower shortage in the National Hockey League and especially the New York Rangers. The Rangers brought the seventeen year old Wharton to New York to play for their farm team the New York Rovers in 1944-45. While playing for the Rovers he was called up to play a game for the Rangers.

After playing 1945-46 for the Rovers Wharton returned to Canada to play junior hockey for the Stratford Kroehlers. in 1946-47. He then turned pro with the San Diego Skyhawks and went on to play another five seasons fo minor pro hockey.

He retired in 1954.

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