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Lantz is a community of about 1500 people in central Nova Scotia. It is part of the municipality of East Hants.


East Hants Penguins

  1. (Metro Valley Junior Hockey League, 1967-1977) left league due to cost of playing at Junior A level
  2. (Mainland Junior B Hockey League, 1984-1990)
  3. (Maritime Junior A Hockey League, 1995-2000) become Dartmouth DQ Blizzard
  4. (Nova Scotia Junior B Hockey League, 2000-2006) league renamed NSJHL
  5. (Nova Scotia Junior C Hockey League, 2004-2006)
  6. (Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League, 2006-2008) took leave of absence; return following season
  7. (Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League 2009-Present)

East Hants Jr. C Penguins