Kvalserien (Hockeyettan)
2014 Hockeyettan Kvalserien
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 1975
No. of teams 26
Country(ies) Flag of Sweden Sweden
Official website

Kvalserien, also known as Kvalserien till Hockeyettan, is the Swedish round-robin ice hockey tournament to qualify for participation in the next season of Hockeyettan (formerly named Division 1 until 2014), Sweden's third highest ice hockey league for men.

Winners 2006–2014Edit

Division 1AEdit

Division 1BEdit

Division 1CEdit

Division 1DEdit

Division 1EEdit

Division 1FEdit

Winners 2015–presentEdit

Hockeyettan NorthEdit

  • 2015: TBD

Hockeyettan SouthEdit

  • 2015: TBD

Hockeyettan EastEdit

  • 2015: TBD

Hockeyettan WestEdit

  • 2015: TBD


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