The Korean Championship is an ice hockey competition held in South Korea. Once a mix league with both company teams and University teams, the league nowadays only has University teams participating since the last company team, Mobil Edge, withdrew prior to the 2005-06 Korean Championship. The winner is awarded the Kang-won-do Cup.

Four university teams now play each other twice in this league in order to determine South Korea's champion.

Participating teams[edit | edit source]

Past members[edit | edit source]

Champions[edit | edit source]

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Flag of South Korea Korean Championship winners
Season Champion team
1992-93 Yonsei University
1993-94 Yonsei University
1994-95 Seoktop
1995-96 Mando Winia
1996-97 Mando Winia
1997-98 Halla Winia
2000-01 Halla Winia
2002-03 Halla Winia
2004-05 Yonsei University
2005-06 Yonsei University
2006-07 Yonsei University
2007-08 Yonsei University
2008-09 Yonsei University

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