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Kimberley Cuckoo Clock.

Kimberley is a town of about 7300 people in southeastern British Columbia, Canada.


  • Kimberley
  1. (Independent team, 1922-1923) participate in 1922-23 British Columbia Senior Playoffs
  2. (Kimberley-Cranbrook League, 1923-1924)
  1. (West Kootenay Hockey League, 1931-1936)
  2. (World Championships, 1936-1937)
  3. (West Kootenay Hockey League, 1937-1941) join Alberta-British Columbia Hockey League
  4. (Alberta-British Columbia Hockey League, 1941-1942) suspend operations due to World War II
  5. (West Kootenay Hockey League, 1945-1946) league renamed WIHL
  6. (Western International Hockey League, 1946-1962) league doesn't play 1962-63 season to allow Trail Smoke Eaters to play for World Championship
  7. (Western International Hockey League, 1963-1988) fold with league
  1. (Rocky Mountain Junior Hockey League, 1991-1992) sit out one season
  2. (Rocky Mountain Junior Hockey League, 1993-1999) join AWHL
  3. (America West Hockey League, 1999-2001) join KIJHL
  4. (Kootenay International Junior Hockey League, 2001-Present)

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