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Keystone Junior Hockey League logo 2020.jpg
Formerly Manitoba Junior B
Hockey League
Founded 1974
No. of teams 5
Most recent champion(s) Peguis Juniors
Official website Keystone
Related competitions Keystone Cup, Baldy Northcott Trophy

The Keystone Junior Hockey League (KJHL) is a Junior B hockey league operating in the Canadian province of Manitoba. The league plays under the sanction of Hockey Manitoba, in affiliation with Hockey Canada. The league champion is awarded the Baldy Northcott Trophy and represents Manitoba at the Western Canada Junior B Championship for the Keystone Cup.

The league started in the seventies as the Manitoba Junior B Hockey League, changing to the current name in 2004.

Until the 2017-18 season, the KJHL consisted of 10 teams, with each playing 34 games during the regular season. All teams make the playoffs. Teams finishing 4th and 5th in each division, playoff in a best-of-three survivor series to determine playoff seeding. Winners then move on to the regular playoff format, which are an elimination tournament consisting of 3 rounds. Best-of-five division semifinals, best-of-seven division final, and league championship, with the winner becoming the KJHL, Manitoba, and Baldy Northcott Trophy champions.

league logo until 2020

Break-up and formation of CRJHL

After the 2017-18 season, the five southern teams in the league withdrew to form the Capital Region Junior Hockey League citing travel distance in light of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash a few months earlier and the expense of travel to the remote northern teams, which was refuted by the remaining members who stated they had been subsidizing travel for the southern teams.

Due to the animosity over the break-up of the league there was no Baldy Northcott Trophy competition for the 2018-19 season and the KJHL had two of its teams compete in the 2019 Keystone Cup, which had already been reformatted when teams from BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan opted out of the tournament, against two members of the Lakehead Junior Hockey League. The CRJHL did not send any representatives to the event either.

Rebuilding Membership

The league would add the Nelson House, Manitoba-based NCN Flames for the 2019-20 season. The Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation youth hockey programme had grown to the point where they felt it was time to add a junior B team to its' offerings.[1] The team was hoped to have been originally starting with the 2018-19 season but it did not happen and the team was accepted for the 2019-20 season.

The Fisher River Hawks are hoped to be returning to the league for the 2019-20 season after sitting out the 2018-19 season, a decision should be announced by July 1st, 2019.


Team Center
Cross Lake Islanders Cross Lake
NCN Flames Nelson House, Manitoba
Norway House North Stars Norway House
OCN Storm Opaskwayak
Peguis Juniors Peguis


Keystone Junior Hockey League
Baldy Northcott Trophy: Manitoba Provincial Champion

2005 Selkirk Fishermen 2006 North Winnipeg Satelites 2007 Winnipeg Saints
2008 Norway House North Stars 2009 St. Malo Warriors 2010 Selkirk Fishermen
2011 Arborg Ice Dawgs 2012 Arborg Ice Dawgs 2013 Peguis Juniors
2014 Selkirk Fishermen 2015 Selkirk Fishermen 2016 Peguis Juniors
2017 Peguis Juniors 2018 Peguis Juniors 2019 Peguis Juniors
2020 Playoffs Cancelled 2021 2022 Peguis Juniors

Manitoba Junior B Hockey League
Carillon Cup: Champion advanced to Provncial Playoffs for the Baldy Northcott Trophy.

1975 Steinbach Millers 1976 Portage Terriers 1977 Gimli Wolves
1978 Transcona Railers 1979 Transcona Railers 1980 Transcona Railers
1981 Transcona Railers 1982 Transcona Railers 1983 North Winnipeg Satelites
1984 Selkirk Fishermen 1985 North Winnipeg Satelites 1986 North Winnipeg Satelites
1987 Oak Bluff Raiders 1988 North Winnipeg Satelites 1989 North Winnipeg Satelites
1990 Beausejour Comets 1991 Selkirk Fishermen 1992 Selkirk Fishermen
1993 Selkirk Fishermen 1994 Selkirk Fishermen 1995 St. Malo Warriors
1996 Peguis Juniors 1997 St. Malo Warriors 1998 Peguis Juniors
1999 Selkirk Fishermen 2000 St. Malo Warriors 2001 St. Malo Warriors
2002 North Winnipeg Satelites 2003 North Winnipeg Satelites 2004 Selkirk Fishermen

Timeline of Teams

Team Years Entry Exited
Arborg Ice Dawgs 2006 Expansion Withdrew
Beausejour Comets 1984-96 Expansion Withdrew
1980-83 North East Comets Withdrew
Brandon Stingers 1991-99 Expansion Withdrew
Carberry Plainsmen 1989-92 Expansion Withdrew
Carman Knights 1998-00 Expansion Withdrew
Central Plains Feathermen 1994-95 Expansion Withdrew
Cross Lake Islanders 2015 Expansion Active
2006-10 Expansion Withdrew
Ebb & Flow Flyers 2002-03 Expansion Withdrew
1998-00 Expansion Withdrew
Elm Creek Blues 1976-77 Expansion Withdrew
Fisher River Hawks 2014-18 Expansion On Hiatus
Gimli Vikings 1978-98 Expansion Withdrew
Gimli Wolves 1974-77 Inaugural Member Withdrew
Keewatin Canucks 1982-84 Expansion Withdrew
Lorette Roadrunners 1986-87 Expansion Withdrew
Lundar Falcons 2010-18 Expansion Withdrew
NCN Flames (KJHL) 2019- Expansion Active
North East Comets 1975-80 Expansion Beausejour Comets
North Interlake United 1986-94 Expansion Withdrew
North Winnipeg Satelites 1981-18 Expansion Withdrew
Norway House North Stars 2004 transfer NJHL Active
Oak Bluff Raiders 1986-90 Expansion Withdrew
OCN Storm 2012 Expansion Active
Peguis Juniors 2009 Two Nations River Hawks Active
1994-06 Expansion Two Nations River Hawks
Pine Creek Warriors 1999-00 Expansion Withdrew
Pineview Saints 1983-85 Expansion Withdrew
1980-82 Expansion Withdrew
Portage Terriers 1974-82 Inaugural Member Withdrew
Red River Rockets 1989-94 Expansion Withdrew
River Heights Cardinals 1978-80 Expansion Withdrew
Sagkeeng Braves 1994-97 Expansion Withdrew
Sagkeeng Hawks 2010-11 Expansion Withdrew
2001-08 Expansion Withdrew
Sanford Titans 2008-10 Expansion Withdrew
Selkirk Fishermen 1974-18 Inaugural Member Withdrew
Souris Elks 1993-96 Expansion Withdrew
Ste. Anne Aces 1991-93 Expansion Withdrew
St. Boniface Saints 1984-90 Expansion Withdrew
St. Boniface Seals 2008 Winnipeg Saints Withdrew
1998-05 Expansion Winnipeg Saints
St. Claude Knights 2000-03 Expansion Withdrew
1996-98 Expansion Withdrew
1986-92 Expansion Withdrew
1981-84 Expansion Withdrew
St. Malo Warriors 1994-18 Expansion Withdrew
Ste. Rose Royals 2012-13 Expansion Withdrew
1992-94 Expansion Withdrew
Steinbach Millers 1981-83 Expansion Withdrew
1974-79 Inaugural Member Withdrew
Stonewall Jets 1997-01 Expansion Withdrew
Transcona Railers 1976-82 Expansion Withdrew
Two Nations River Hawks 2006-09 Peguis Juniors Peguis Juniors
Winnipeg Saints 2005-08 St. Boniface Seals St. Boniface Seals

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