KeyBank Tournament
Sport College ice hockey
Founded 1980
No. of teams 4
Ceased 1985
Most championships St. Lawrence (2)

The KeyBank Tournament (initially the I Love New York Tournament) was a college Division I men's ice hockey tournament played before New Years at the 1980 Olympic Arena in Lake Placid, New York.

The tournament was first held in November 1980, after which it was moved to late December as a holiday tournament. For the third tournament in 1982 KeyBank became the sponsor and the tournament was renamed accordingly. KeyBank ended their sponsorship after the 6th championship and when no other funding came about the tournament was discontinued.

Yearly results[edit | edit source]

Year Champion Runner-up Third place Fourth place
1985 Toronto Bowling Green Clarkson St. Lawrence
1984 Ohio State Cornell St. Lawrence McGill
1983 Bowling Green Clarkson Cornell Brown
1982 St. Lawrence Boston College Cornell Concordia
1981 Clarkson Cornell Boston College Plattsburgh State
1980 St. Lawrence Concordia Western Ontario ?

Team records[edit | edit source]

Team # of times participated Titles
St. Lawrence 4 2
Clarkson 3 1
Bowling Green 2 1
Ohio State 1 1
Toronto 1 1
Cornell 4 0
Boston College 2 0
Concordia 2 0
Brown 1 0
McGill 1 0
Plattsburgh State 1 0
Western Ontario 1 0

References[edit | edit source]

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