Kenneth Armstrong Kilrea (b. January 16, 1919 in Ottawa, Ontario - d. January 14, 1990) is a retired professional ice hockey player who played 91 games in the National Hockey League with the Detroit Red Wings.

Kilrea played junior hockey with the University of Ottawa in 1935-36 and senior hockey with the Pontiac, Michigan team in the Michigan-Ontario League the next two seasons. The Detroit Red Wings signed him as a free agent in 1938.

He made it to only one game with the Wings in 1938-39 but that increased to 40 games the next season. He split the next two seasons between the Wings and their Indianapolis Capitals farm team.

In 1942-43 Kilrea returned to senior hockey with several teams in Ottawa, especially the Allan Cup-winning Ottawa Commandos.

In 1943-44 he went back to the Wings for 14 games, his last in the NHL.

Kilrea played in the minor pros and senior hockey until his retirement in 1951.


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