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Vernon Keith McCreary (b. June 19th 1940 in Sundridge, Ontario, Canada - d. December 9th 2003) is a former professional left winger who played in the National Hockey League for the Montreal Canadiens, Pittsburgh Penguins and Atlanta Flames.

McCreary played only 10 games for the powerful Montreal Canadiens over the course of seven seasons in their organization, until the Penguins made him an NHL regular following the 1967 NHL Expansion. He was then picked by the Atlanta Flames in the 1972 NHL Expansion Draft and made captain of the expansion team. He retired from hockey in 1975.

His younger brother Bill McCreary Sr. also played in the NHL. His nephew Bill Jr. had a brief stint with the Toronto Maple Leafs. He is also related to referee Bill McCreary.

Following his playing days, he joined the NHL Alumni Association, over which he presided. He died of cancer in 2003.


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