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The Flag of this city.

Kansas City is a city in the state of Missouri, United States.

It has a metro population of just over 2,000,000.


National Hockey League (1974-1976) became Colorado Rockies
(American Hockey Association, 1940-42)
(International Hockey League  (1990-2001) fold with league as owner, the DeVos family, had multiple teams in league and only allowed to enter one in AHL, they chose the Grand Rapids Griffins
Central Hockey League  (1967-1972) folded
Central Hockey League (1976-1977) folded
American Hockey Association, (1933-1940) renamed Americans
  • Kansas City MO-Hawks
(1974-1974) working name forNHL expansion team, renamed Scouts when Black Hawks franchise objected to nickname
United States Hockey League (1949-1950)
United Hockey League (2004-2005)
American Hockey Association (1927-1933) renamed Greyhounds
United States Hockey League (1945-1949) renamed Mohawks
Central Hockey League  (1977-1979)
United States Hockey League (1950-1951) fold with league


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