The Kanada-malja.

The Kanada-malja is an ice hockey club championship trophy, awarded annually to the SM-liiga playoffs champion. Kanada-malja is Finnish for "Canada Cup", and is so named because it was donated by Canada's Finnish community in 1951.

The winner of the regular season title receives the "Harry Lindbladin muistopalkinto", which is not considered as prestigious as the Kanada-malja.

Past champions Edit

Year Kanada-malja Champion Silver medal Bronze medal Regular season champion
1976 TPS Tappara Ässät TPS
1977 Tappara TPS Koo-Vee Tappara
1978 Ässät Tappara TPS Tappara
1979 Tappara Ässät TPS Ässät
1980 HIFK Ässät Kärpät TPS
1981 Kärpät Tappara TPS Tappara
1982 Tappara TPS HIFK TPS
1983 HIFK Jokerit Ilves Jokerit
1984 Tappara Ässät Kärpät Tappara
1985 Ilves TPS Kärpät TPS
1986 Tappara HIFK Kärpät Tappara
1987 Tappara Kärpät HIFK Kärpät
1988 Tappara Lukko HIFK Ilves
1989 TPS JYP Ilves TPS
1990 TPS Ilves Tappara TPS
1991 TPS KalPa HPK TPS
1992 Jokerit JYP HIFK JYP
1994 Jokerit TPS Lukko TPS
1995 TPS Jokerit Ässät Jokerit
1996 Jokerit TPS Lukko Jokerit
1997 Jokerit TPS HPK Jokerit
1998 HIFK Ilves Jokerit TPS
2000 TPS Jokerit HPK TPS
2001 TPS Tappara Ilves Jokerit
2002 Jokerit Tappara HPK Tappara
2003 Tappara Kärpät HPK HPK
2004 Kärpät TPS HIFK TPS
2005 Kärpät Jokerit HPK Kärpät
2006 HPK Ässät Kärpät Kärpät
2007 Kärpät Jokerit HPK Kärpät
2008 Kärpät Blues Tappara Kärpät
2009 JYP Kärpät KalPa JYP

Teams by number of wins Edit

Team Wins Last win
TPS 9 2001
Tappara 8 2003
Kärpät 5 2008
Jokerit 5 2002
HIFK 3 1998
JYP 1 2009
HPK 1 2006
Ilves 1 1985
Ässät 1 1978

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