Johnstown Jets
Johnstown jets 68
City: Johnstown, Pennsylvania
League: EAHL 1950–53
IHL 1953–55
EHL, 1955–73
NAHL 1973–77
Operated: 1950–1977
Home Arena: Cambria County War Memorial Arena
Regular Season Titles: EHL (4)
(1950–51, 1951–52, 1959–60, 1963–64)
Division Championships: EHL (4)
(1950–51, 1951–52, 1959–60, 1963–64)
NAHL (1)
Playoff Championships: EHL (5)
(1951–52, 1952–53, 1959–60, 1960–61, 1961–62)
NAHL (1)

The Johnstown Jets were a professional ice hockey team from Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The Jets were founded in the Eastern Amateur Hockey League for the 1950–51 season, playing at the newly constructed Cambria County War Memorial Arena. The Jets won consecutive EHL championships in 1951–52 and 1952–53.

When the EAHL suspended operations in 1953, the Jets transferred to the International Hockey League, were they played two seasons. Johnstown were Turner Cup finalists in 1953–54, losing 4 games to 2, to the Cincinnati Mohawks.

In 1955, the Jets joined the Eastern Hockey League (a league founded from the EAHL), and won three consecutive EHL championships in 1959–60, 1960–61 and 1961–62. Johnstown remained in the league until its demise in 1973.

The Jets then joined the new North American Hockey League in 1973. Dick Roberge coached the Johnstown to the Lockhart Cup championship 1974–75, defeating the Broome Dusters. That season's playoff run included the Carlson brothers, Jeff, Jack and Steve, who became the basis for the Hanson Brothers in the movie Slap Shot. Jeff and Steve Carlson portrayed their fictional selves in the movie, while former Jet Dave Hanson portrayed Jack. The Jets played four seasons total in the NAHL before the league folded in 1977. The team itself folded in the offseason, when the Johnstown flood of 1977 that damaged the arena's ice making equipment.

Season-by-season resultsEdit

SeasonLeagueGamesWonLostTiedPointsWinning %Goals
1950–51EHL542625 3550.5091951941st, EHL
1951–52EHL653921 5830.6382641861st, EHL
1952–53EHL602829 3590.4922262442nd, EHL
1953–54IHL653527 3730.5622542213rd, IHL
1954–55IHL602534 1510.4251882155th, IHL
1955–56EHL643232 0640.5003122984th, EHL
1956–57EHL643133 0620.4843202904th, EHL
1957–58EHL643130 3650.5082282254th, EHL
1958–59EHL643328 3690.5392522232nd, EHL
1959–60EHL644518 1910.7112551761st, South
1960–61EHL644022 2820.6412732152nd, South
1961–62EHL684126 1830.6102962552nd, North
1962–63EHL683431 3710.5222543093rd, North
1963–64EHL724126 5870.6042972451st, North
1964–65EHL724131 0820.5693302943rd, North
1965–66EHL723931 2800.5563032673rd, North
1966–67EHL723436 2700.4862672903rd, North
1967–68EHL723825 9850.5903862733rd, North
1968–69EHL724223 7910.6323582302nd, North
1969–70EHL74273314680.4593183443rd, North
1970–71EHL74302915750.5072732973rd, North
1971–72EHL75332814800.5332902692nd, North
1972–73EHL76362812840.5532832552nd, North
1973–74NAHL743238 4680.4592653035th, NAHL
1974–75NAHL743832 4800.5412742554th, NAHL
1975–76NAHL744725 2960.6493462571st, West
1976–77NAHL732249 2460.3152533347th, NAHL

NHL alumniEdit

Johnstown jets 76

Jets logo in NAHL, 1976

List of Johnstown Jets who played in the National Hockey League, 46 in total.

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