Joe Bowen (born April 5, 1951 in Sudbury, Ontario), is a Canadian sportscaster. He is known as "The Voice of the Toronto Maple Leafs", having broadcast over 2,100 Leaf Games.[1] He started calling games for the Leafs in 1982, after calling games for the Nova Scotia Voyageurs[2]

Bowen's catchphrase is "Holy Mackinaw!", typically used when an amazing goal is scored or a big save is made. He is accused of stealing this phrase from a California Spirit Yell, but says he got the phrase from his dad who said "Holy Mackinaw" instead of swearing. Greg Millen is currently his broadcasting partner, after his long time partner Harry Neale accepted a position with the Buffalo Sabres. Bowen and Millen are the voices of Leaf games on television through Leafs TV or Rogers Sportsnet Ontario. Bowen also does the radio play-by-play on AM 640 with Jim Ralph for playoff games and games that are broadcast on TSN or CBC. Recently, he appeared in a TV commercial for Harvey's promoting the "bigger" Angus Burger and used his famous aforementioned catchphrase. Joe Bowen was the Radio Announcer in the 1986 film Youngblood.


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