Jerzy Christ (b. September 15th 1958 in Katowice, Poland) is a retired star Polish centre .

Christ began his career in 1976 with Baildon Katowice of the Polish Championship. He would go to GKS Katowice in 1983, then to Polonia Bytom the next year; he would keep playing there until 1989. He was one of the best Polish players of the 1980's and he was a regular selection on the Polish National Team.

In December 1989, Jerzy Christ emigrated to Germany. He was signed to Sauerland ECD of the 2.Bundesliga by Heinz Weifenbach, then chairman of the team. In 1991, he was forced to miss a big part of the season due to a pulmonary embolism. Another such embolism, associated with muscle inflammation, occured in 1993 and forced him to stay away from the ice for the whole season. In 1994, he made a one-season stop by ERC Westfallen Dortmund 90. The next season, he returned to Sauerland, which meanwhile had become the Iserlohner EC. He retired in 1997 after a second season with the team.

Christ's international career spread from 1983 to 1989. He took part in four World Championships and in two Olympic Games with the Polish National Team.

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