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'''Jeffrey A. McLean''' (born October 6, 1969 in Vancouver, British Columbia) is a retired National Hockey League player. In the 1993–94 season, he played 6 games for the San Jose Sharks and scored 1 goal.
{{Infobox Ice Hockey Player
| name = Jeff McLean
| position = [[Center (ice hockey)|Center]]
| image =
| image_size = 230px
| played_for = [[San Jose Sharks]]
| shot = Left
| height_ft = 5
| height_in = 11
| weight_lb = 200
| birth_date = {{birth date and age|1969|10|6}}
| birth_place = [[Vancouver, British Columbia|Vancouver]], [[British Columbia|B.C.]], [[Canada|CAN]]
| draft = [[1991 NHL Supplemental Draft|1991 Supplemental Draft]]
| draft_team = [[San Jose Sharks]]
| draft_year =
| career_start = 1992
| career_end = 2000
'''Jeffrey A. McLean''' (born October 6, 1969 in [[Vancouver, British Columbia]]) is a retired [[National Hockey League]] player. In the [[1993–94 NHL season|1993–94 season]], he played 6 games for the [[San Jose Sharks]] and scored 1 goal.
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{{hockeydb|3603|Jeff McLean}}
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