John Joseph "Jack" Coughlin (June 21, 1892 - ?) was a professional ice hockey player. He played three seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL) from 1917-18 to 1919-20 season for Toronto Arenas, Quebec Bulldogs, Montreal Canadiens, and Hamilton Tigers. He played 6 games in 1918 helping Toronto win the Stanley Cup.

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He was born in Douro, Ontario. Coughlin played amateur ice hockey starting in junior with Peterborough, Ontario in 1909–10. He played four seasons for Peterborough, including one final season in senior. He then played for Ingersoll, Ontario in intermediate hockey for a season, and a season for Portage Lake-Houghton, Michigan, both seasons as an amateur. He became a professional for the Toronto Blueshirts in 1916–17. When the NHL was formed in 1917–18, he played for the Toronto Arenas which went on to win the Stanley Cup, although he was released by Toronto before the playoffs. He bounced around the NHL for the next few seasons with the Quebec Bulldogs, Montreal Canadiens, and Hamilton Tigers. He attempted to return to amateur, but his bid to be reinstated as an amateur was denied by the Ontario Hockey Association in 1921.

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