The J-Ice West League is an amateur ice hockey league from Japan. This league is, along with the J-Ice North League, under the Asia League in the ice hockey pyramid in Japan (though there exists no promotion and relegation between any of those leagues). The J-Ice West contains teams from all over the country, Hokkaido excepted, and is usually regarded as weaker than its Northern counterpart.

This league is affiliated to the Japanese Ice Hockey Federation and was created in 2005. The tournaments' matches are broadcasted by the Takamatsu cable television.

2009-10 participating teamsEdit


Kagawa Ice Fellows vs. Team Hyogo, in a J-Ice West League match.

2010-11 participating teamsEdit

2011-12 participating teamsEdit


Flag of Japan J-Ice West League winners
Season Winner Runner-up
2005-06 Anabuki Ice Hockey Club
2006-07 Anabuki Ice Hockey Club
2007-08 Kagawa Ice Fellows
2008-09 Kagawa Ice Fellows
Flag of Japan
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