Invicta Dynamos
City: Gillingham, United Kingdom
League: ENIHL (south)
Founded: 1997
Head Coach: Kevin Parrish
Captain: Karl Lennon

Invicta Dynamos are the senior ice hockey team based in Gillingham,England.

History[edit | edit source]

The club was founded in 1997 replacing the Medway Bears as the senior team based at the Ice Bowl. The club originally competed in the EPIHL until the 2003/4 season when the club dropped down to the ENIHL due to a lack of sponsorship. Invicta is one of the larger clubs at this level and has enjoyed a period of sustained success including winning the ENIHL Grand Slam in 2005/6. The most successful season in the Dynamos history came in the 2001/02 season they were the champions of the EPIHL, winning the league and playoffs and losing the cup final to local rivals the Romford Raiders. Last season Invicta won the National ENL title beating Sheffield on penalty shots. The Dynamos were also losing finalists in both the ENL Cup and ENL playoffs.

The 'mos are the only ENIHL team in Kent. The club's fiercest rivaly has traditionally been with the Romford Raiders and to a slightly lesser extent the Chelmsford Chieftains, with the Dynamos competing in the same league as the two Essex clubs for its first six seasons. However more recently a healthy rivalry has developed with the Streatham Redskins due to the geographical proximity of the two clubs. The inclusion of Chelmsford in the Dynamos' league this year is likely to reignite that rivalry.

Current imports are Peter Vaisanen (# 19) & Nolan Boike (# 11) who are from Canada and America respectively. Joe White and Shane Kemp, who recently signed from Streatham, are the team's netminders.

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