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The Intermediate Intercollegiate Series (IIS) was a second tier scholastic competition operating in Ontario and Quebec from 1902-03 to 1938-39. The top tier in the region was the Canadian Intercollegiate Athletic Union (CIAU Central), also founded in 1902. Some schools operated in as many as three levels of play - Senior, Intermediate, and Junior. Others operated at just one level. The intermediate level included the first teams from some schools plus the second teams from others.

Table of Seasons and Champions

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Year Champion(s)
1902-03 Royal Military College
1903-04 Royal Military College
1904-05 Toronto Varsity Blues II
1905-06 missing
1906-07 Toronto Varsity Blues II
1907-08 Toronto Varsity Blues II
1908-09 McGill Redmen II
1909-10 Toronto Varsity Blues II
1910-11 Toronto Varsity Blues II
1911-12 Royal Military College
1912-13 Royal Military College
1913-14 Royal Military College
1914-15 Toronto Varsity Blues II
1916-19 no competition
1919-20 Royal Military College
1920-21 Queen's Golden Gaels II
1921-22 Queen's Golden Gaels II
1922-23 Toronto Varsity Blues II
1923-24 Osgoode Hall Legalites
1924-25 McGill Redmen II
1925-26 Royal Military College
1926-27 Royal Military College
1927-28 Toronto Varsity Blues II
1928-29 Toronto Varsity Blues II
1929-30 Toronto Varsity Blues II
1930-31 Toronto Varsity Blues II
1931-32 Queen's Golden Gaels
1932-33 Western Ontario Mustangs / McGill Redmen II
1933-34 Queen's Golden Gaels / McGill Redmen II
1934-35 Royal Military College
1935-36 Montreal Carabins
1936-37 McGill Redmen II
1937-38 Toronto Varsity Blues II / Loyola Warriors
1938-39 OAC Redmen / Loyola Warriors

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