Dauphins d'Épinal
Dauphins d'Épinal logo.png
League Ligue Magnus
Founded 1997
Arena Patinoire de Poissompré
City Epinal, France
Head coach Shawn Allard
French champions

The Image Club d'Épinal is a French ice hockey team based in Épinal playing in the Ligue Magnus. The team currently use the name of "Dauphins d'Épinal" (Épinal Dolphins).

The team was founded in 1997 and plays home games at the Patinoire de Poissompré.

Former players[edit | edit source]

Flag of Canada
  • Shawn Allard
  • Marc-Andre Crete
  • Charles Joly
  • Marc Lefebvre
Flag of the Czech Republic
  • Tomas Jelinek
  • Stanislav Petrik
  • Jan Plch
  • Jan Simko
Flag of Finland
  • Jan Hagelberg
  • Tomi Karlsson
  • Simo Romo
  • Ilpo Salmivirta
Flag of France
  • Guillaume Chassard
  • Tarik Chipaux
  • Franck Constantin
  • Sebastien Geoffroy
  • Stephane Gervais
  • César Lefranc
  • Luc Mazerolle
  • Guillaume Papelier
  • Anthony Pernot
  • Lionel Simon
Flag of Slovakia
  • Peter Listiak
  • Michal Petrak
  • Radoslav Regenda
  • Peter Slovak
Flag of Serbia
  • Borislav Ilic
Flag of the United States
  • Daniel Scott

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