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The This user is... template allows you to customize your user pages by adding up to 100 userboxes that will give fellow users who drop by, at a quick glance, an idea of your interests and abilities. Those boxes are not a mandatory addition to user pages at all, but an idea for those interested in it. It is similar to what exists on Wikipedia.

Several userboxes already exist; users are encouraged to create more if they can't find those they would like. However, please bear in mind that there still is a limit to what is accepted and userboxes deemed offensive in any kind of way will be deleted. Do not display racism, violence, nudity or make personnal attacks with userboxes, as it is a sure way to get the userbox deleted and yourself banned. The Ice Hockey Wiki is a friendly place.

For more on the do and don't of userboxes, please see Ice Hockey Wiki:Userbox.

Functions of the userboxes

Language knowledge

Userboxes allow you to display which language(s) you speak and the level of proficiency achieved in that language. By letting know what language you speak, you allow others to contact you in a language they may feel more comfortable with than english.

This knowledge is also useful when someone wishes to use sources in a foreign language they may not speak/master; by being able to find someone speaking that language, they can request assistance in traduction, or simply ask about the content of the source. We all know online translators aren't always very reliable, so a proficient speaker's help is always better!


Users may display what they are interested in, like and dislike via userboxes. Likewise, a user may mention what teams he or she likes, and those he or she doesn't.


Users may identify which projects of the Ice Hockey Wiki they contribute to via userboxes. This can help other participants in the same project to find fellows and discuss issues related to the project.

How to add a userbox to a This user is... box

This user is...
en This user is a native speaker of English.
de-1 This user can speak a basic level of German.
Search user languages

Adding userboxes is easy. The first thing to do, if not already done, is to include the This user is... box to your user page. In order to do so, simply add the following tag at the top of your page: {{This user is...}}. This will include the basic This user is... frame to your page.

To add userboxes, simply add a vertical stroke ("|") after the last period of This user is... and write the name of the userbox you want to include. These should have short and easy names. For instance, if you want to add a box saying you're a native english speaker, your tag will look like this: {{This user is...|en}}. To add any other subsequent box, repeat these simple steps: {{This user is...|en|de-1}}. You can keep adding as many boxes as you wish, up to a maximum number of 100.