Welcome to the Ice Hockey Wiki!! This is the community portal, the page to visit whenever you have questions or want to chill a bit with the others. Because as a Wiki, the IHW is more than an encyclopedia about ice hockey, it is also a growing community of passionates willing to share their passion and knowledge to the world.

Obviously, this being a new wiki and all, there's not so many things to see here yet. But as the Wiki will grow, as the community will grow, so will the Community portal. If you feel like something's missing, chances are, something is. In that case, be bold and add it!! This also your portal.



  • Help Forum Need some help editing or finding your way around the IHW? Ask your question and we'll answer it.
  • Ice Hockey Wiki talk:The Locker Room A place to discuss issues related to the wiki that don't belong on a specific talk page.
  • Non Wiki Talk For discussions unrelated to the wiki itself.
  • Suggestions Forum Something bothers you around? Feel something is missing? Got a terrific idea to make the Wiki better? Why not proposing it here then?