Ice Hockey Wiki

Listed below are the Administrators and Bureaucrats of the Ice Hockey Wiki.


Bureaucrat - Administrator DMighton was the founder of this wiki all the way back in 2006, and did a tremendous amount of work on Canadian Junior A hockey post-1970 and Ontario hockey from all eras. Mostly inactive since 2014, and hasn't edited at all since 2019. Inactive


Bureaucrat - Administrator The second user to edit the wiki, Yannzgob focused mostly on European/Asian hockey. Last contributed significantly in 2011, and has been dormant since 2014. Inactive


Administrator Fanofpucks concentrated on Canadian senior, intermediate and junior hockey prior to 1971, creating a massive number of articles on these competitions. He added to many other areas of the wiki too, before going inactive in 2016. Inactive


Administrator Dtalbot has edited this wiki consistently since 2012, and has covered the North American leagues extensively, including updating the seasonal articles with each passing year. Active


Administrator The newest admin, MarchandTriedToLickMe first came to the wiki in 2018, and has focused on expanding seasonal articles for various North American competitions. Active