The Ice Hockey Wiki (IHW) aims to become the ultimate referrence when it comes to ice hockey. It shall contain articles on everything ice hockey: leagues, teams, player biographies, national teams, international competitions, season recapitulations for each league and team, articles on important moments of the hockey history, officials, game rules and basics... in other words, the IHW is to become the most complete, thorough and accurate encyclopedia ever written on ice hockey that will not only be a unavoidable referrence on the matter, but also be strong enough to generate an interest in the sport to the neophytes who run across it. Passion is contagious, and we hope the passionate ones here will be able to convey both their knowledge and passion to the readers.

The main strenght of the IHW is that it's written by every person who wants to write it. In other words, everyone is free to drop in and edit or create a page to add new informations, thus increasing the amount of knowledge we have to share. Such collective work is called a Wiki and has proved it was a very efficient way to achieve a project - see Wikipedia is the best exemple, but other wikis are also pretty successul.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick a page, click edit and help make this place better!!