The Request for Adminship article is to openly discuss changing the user rights of a user to bureaucrat. Any established user who has contributed regularly and consistently to the Wiki for a period of time deemed sufficient by the community is welcome to apply.

The candidate has to justify on which basis he feels his application is worthy, what the Community would gain from getting another administrator. His candidature will then be under the Community's scrutiny. Fellow users will evaluate the candidate, his arguments and whether they perceive there is a need for another admin or not and discuss the matter. Discussions will be open for two weeks to ensure everyone sees it, and to ensure all that has to be said in the discussion is said.

After this period, the Community will be invited to vote to accept or reject the user's candidature. Voting will be open for a week, after which the votes will be counted and the rights awarded or not, depending on the outcome. Only contributors to the Wiki are allowed to vote - by contributor is understood a person who has been around for some time and has edited articles on IHW in a pertinent manner. The votes are calculated after the week is over and rights are awarded or not depending on the outcome. Please note: a majority of approval votes does not automatically guarantee a successful application, especially if discussion points to the needed refusal of the application under any circumstance. It does however acknowledge that the community has a good opinion of the applicant and feels he would be a valuable addition to the admin team, and that will be considered when an extra admin will be needed. A candidate whose application was rejected may apply again in the future, but has to let a period of at least six months pass before he can apply again.

An applicant may not ask people from other Wikis to vote for him, nor create multiple false users to influence the results in his favour. Such comportments would result in the application being voided, in a permanent interdiction for this user to apply again and in sanctions that may go as far as a permanent ban, if deemed necessary.

Past outcomes can be seen here: IHW:RFA archives







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