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A view of Huntsville.

Huntsville is a city in the north of Alabama, United States, located in the counties of Madison and Limestone. 171,327 persons live in the city.

Hockey in Huntsville


  1. (Southern Hockey League 1995-1996) join Central Hockey League
  2. Central Hockey League 1996-2000, renamed Huntsville Tornado
  3. Atlantic Coast Hockey League, (2003) franchise awarded as expansion team, but move to SEHL
  4. South East Hockey League, 2003-2004) folded
  • Huntsville Tornado (Central Hockey League, (2000-2001) go inactive for 2 years and then return as a junior team (uncertain if return actually happened, haven't found any information yet)


  • University of Alabama-Huntsville Chargers (1979-Present)
    1. Club sport (1979-1985) join NAIA
    2. NAIA (1985-1986) join NCAA Division II
    3. Division II (1986-1987) join Division I when NCAA stops Division II Championship
    4. Division I Indepenedent (1987-1992) rejoin Division II when NCAA restarts chamionship
    5. Division II (1992-1999) join Division I-CHA
    6. College Hockey America (1999-2010) go independent when league folds
    7. Division I Indepenedent (2010-Present)



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