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Hockey North
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Sport Hockey
Area of jurisdiction Northwest Territories, Nunavut
Formation date YYYY (YYYY)
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Hockey North is the governing body of all ice hockey in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, Canada.


Hockey North is a branch of Hockey Canada. The organization is divided into two regional bodies: the Northwest Territories Hockey Association and the Nunavut Hockey Association. Hockey Nunavut originally had a 3-team regional Junior "C" hockey championship with its winner given the chance to play in the Maritime-Hockey North Junior C Championships. The three Junior "C" teams were Team Kivalliq (Rankin Inlet based), Team Kitikmeot (Cambridge Bay based), and Team Baffin (Iqaluit based).  The teams were reorganized in terms of their recruiting areas and one team was eliminated.  Since being cut down to two teams the teams have been more competetive at the Maritime-Hockey North Junior C Championships including a final appearance in 2012 and a championship in 2015.

As of 2007 the President of Hockey Nunavut is Dale Smith of Cambridge Bay. Smith was the regional winner of the "Royal Bank of Canada Local Hockey Leaders" award. $10,000 was donated to the local hockey program and a display was mounted at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.[1]


Nunavut Junior "C"

Originally three teams, Team Kivalliq became the Kivalliq Canucks and Team Kitikmeot and Team Baffin became the Qikiiqtani Elks. The two teams hold regional tryouts and go directly into a head-to-head playoff for the right to compete in the Maritime-Hockey North Junior C Championships. Although no team Nunavut has ever won the Maritime-Hockey North championship, the region has had much better showings since dropping to only 2 teams.



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The Hockey Nunavut Junior champion earns the right to compete in the Maritime-Hockey North Junior C Championships.

2003 Team Kivalliq
2004 Team Kivalliq
2005 Team Kivalliq
2006 Team Kivalliq
2007 Kivalliq Canucks
2008 Kivalliq Canucks
2009 Qikiqtani Elks
2010 Kivalliq Canucks
2011 Kivalliq Canucks
2012 Kivalliq Canucks
2013 Kivalliq Canucks
2014 Kivalliq Canucks
2015 Baffin Blizzard (won 2015 Maritime-Hockey North Junior C Championships)
2016 Kivalliq Canucks (defeated Baffin Blizzard 2 games to 1 (4-6, 6-5 (ot), 4-3))
2017 Baffin Blizzard
2018 Baffin Blizzard
2019 Kivalliq Canucks


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