Copying helpful pages from the Starter Wikia[edit source]

Greetings, sportspersons! I don't play ice hockey. I drifted into this site while searching Wikia for items to add to the Cities Wikia. (There are now two links to this site.)

Since early this year, Wikia has a separate site solely devoted to holding (and occasionally improving) helpful pages that any Wikia can benefit from. Every new Wikia gets them all as an automatic starter package. We in pre-2007 Wikia can copy them over if we want them.

I urge you to open a new window right this minute and go to w:c:Starter:Help:Contents.

  1. Hit the Edit link on the Starter Wikia page.
  2. Highlight the whole edit box and COPY; leave that page in Edit mode in case you need templates from it.
  3. Return here, check that you are on the matching page, in Edit mode, and PASTE. (If it already has content, paste the new stuff either all above or all below what's already there, and make a note in the edit Summary that they should be merged soon.)
  4. Preview if unsure, but it's seldom necessary; red links will be OK eventually.
  5. SAVE.
  6. Click a red link on that new page (text or category or template) - if none, see note below.
  7. Return to the Starter window and click the corresponding link on that page.

Then repeat above steps. Eventually you will produce a page here with no red links; backtrack here to find one that has red links (and similarly backtrack in Starter to find the "Edit" mode of the matching page). If all seem to be OK, check your sidebar links; some old Wikia sites still have next to nothing as targets of such prominent links, most of which have Starter Wikia pages that can improve them.

An alternative, possibly quicker depending on how good you are at manipulating address bars, is to copy all 100-odd Starter Wikia pages systematically working your way through Special:Allpages.

I may add a few sentences or links here and there to integrate some of your pages with the standard pages, similar to what I've done on a handful of other Wikia.

Robin Patterson 05:04, 2 August 2007 (UTC) in New Zealand

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