Harley Norman Hotchkiss, (born 1927 in Tillsonburg, Ontario) is a Canadian businessman. He is part owner of the Calgary Flames, having been one of the original group of six Calgary businessmen who bought and moved the NHL’s Atlanta Flames hockey team to Calgary in 1980. The other original investors are Ralph T. Scurfield, Daryl Seaman, Byron Seaman, Norman Green, and Normie Kwong. He is one of only two remaining members of that original group, and currently serves as the team's governor and the "face" of the ownership group.

He was chairman of the National Hockey League board of governors from 1995 to 2007. He won the Stanley Cup in 1989 with the Calgary Flames. On January 25, 2007 Hotchkiss announced his resignation as the chairman of the NHL board of governors following the 2007 semi-annual June governor's meetings.

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