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Hamilton is a city of over 500,000 in southern Ontario, Canada. Its metropolitan area has a population of about 700,000.

It is located at the extreme western end of Lake Ontario about 70 kilometers southwest of Toronto.


  • Hamilton
  1. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior, 1893-1895, 1917-1918)
  2. (Ontario Hockey Association Jr., 1925-1926, 1930-1931, 1922-1933)
  3. (Ontario Hockey Association Jr. A, 1934-1935)
  4. (Allan Cup Hockey, 2015 Expansion team)
  1. (Ontario Provincial Junior A Hockey League, 1979-1981) see OJAHL
  2. Ontario Junior A Hockey League, 1981-1984) city gets OHL team
  1. (American Hockey League, 1996-2015) franchise sold to Montreal Canadiens and relocated to St. John's, NL; replaced by OHL team with same name
  2. (Ontario Hockey League, 2015-Present)
  1. (Ontario Major Junior Hockey League, 1974-1976) moved to St. Catherines, due to arena problems
  2. (Ontario Major Junior Hockey League, 1977-1978) become Brantford Alexanders
  1. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior A, 1941-1942)
  2. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior A, 1943-1944) drop out of league
  1. (Southern Ontario Junior A Hockey League, 1975-1977) join OPJAHL
  2. (Ontario Provincial Junior A Hockey League, 1977-1979
  1. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior B, 1932-1933) moved to Intermediate A as part of Hamilton Amateur Hockey Association All Star team
  2. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior B, 1934-1935) move to Sr. A
  3. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior A, 1935-1936)
  4. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior A, 1945-1948)
  1. (Ontario Hockey Association, 1960-1974) join OMJHL as Fincups
  2. (Ontario Provincial Junior Hockey League, 2003-2009) join CCHL
  3. (Central Canadian Hockey League, 2009-2010) rejoin OJHL
  4. (Ontario Junior Hockey League, 2010-2015) relocated to Markham as Markham Royals when city gets OHL team (Bulldogs)
  1. (Ontario Hockey Association Jr., 1912-1916,1924-1925, 1926-1927)
  2. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior, 1915-1916, 1924-1926)
  1. (Canadian Professional Hockey League, 1926-1928) become Buffalo Bisons
  2. (Canadian Professional Hockey League, 1928-1929) join IHL
  3. (International Hockey League, 1929-1930) become Syracuse Stars
  1. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior, 1918-1924)
  2. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior B, 1929-1930) join Sr. A
  3. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior A, 1930-1936)
  4. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior A, 1942-1943)
  5. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior A, 1945-1950) join OHA Major
  6. (OHA Major League, 1950-1951) return to OHA Senior
  7. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior A, 1951-1954)
Hamilton Centennials (Ontario Hockey Association) 1914
Hamilton Crescents (Ontario Hockey Association) 1931-32
Hamilton Hockey Club (Ontario Hockey Association) 1913-17
Hamilton Peach Buds (Ontario Hockey Association) 1940-41
Hamilton Rowing Club (Ontario Hockey Association)
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Hamilton Golden Hawks (Central Ontario Women's Hockey League, 1993-1997)

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  • Alexander Park Rink
  • Hamilton Thistle Rink
  • Barton Street Arena (1913-1976) (also known as Alerts' Rink, Britannia Arena, and Hamilton Forum)
  • Buchanan Park Rink
  • Chedoke Twin Pad Arena
  • Colquhoun Park Rink
  • Copps Coliseum
  • Coronation Arena
  • Darlington Sports Centre
  • Dave Andreychuk Mountain Arena
  • Durand Park Rink
  • Fay Park Rink
  • Gilkson Park Rink
  • HAAA Park Rink
  • Hamilton Doublerink Arena
  • Hampton Park Rink
  • Harmony Hall Rink
  • Harry Howell Arena
  • Highland Gardens Park Rink
  • Inch Park Arena
  • Kennedy East Park Rink
  • Lawfield Arena
  • Macassa Park Rink
  • Mohawk 4 Ice Centre
  • Mountain Drive Park Rink
  • Rosedale Arena
  • Rushdale Park Rink
  • Scott Park Arena
  • Shawinigan Park Rink
  • Tremplemead Park Rink
  • Trenholme Park Rink
  • Wentworth Triple Rinks
  • Eastwood Arena


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