Harold "Hal" Winkler (born March 20, 1892 in Gretna, Manitoba, Canada – May 29 1956) was a Canadian ice hockey goaltender.

He started out in senior hockey with various teams in Winnipeg from 1913-19, most notably the Winnipeg Ypres. He then played for the senior Brandon Elks, Moose Jaw Maple Leafs, and Saskatoon Crescents from 1919-21.

Winkler started his professional career with the Edmonton Eskimos of the Western Canada Hockey League in 1922. He also played with the Calgary Tigers in 1924-25 and 1925-26.

In 1926 when the Western League collapsed, he moved to the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League. He then played two seasons with the Boston Bruins. In the 1927-28 season, he had 15 shutouts which is still a Bruins team record.

During the 1957-58 season the Stanley Cup was redone. Winkler's name was added to the Stanley Cup as a member of the 1929 Boston Bruins, even though he played whole season in the minors.

He spent three seasons in the minor pros before retiring in 1931.

Awards & Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • WCHL All-Star Team (1923)

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