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City: Hämeenlinna, Finland
League: SM-liiga
Founded: 1946 (1946)
Home Arena: Ritarihalli (capacity 5 360)
Head Coach: Flag of Finland Harri Rindell
General Manager: Flag of Finland Risto Korpela

HPK (Hämeenlinnan Pallokerho) is an ice hockey team in the SM-liiga. They play in Hämeenlinna, Finland at the Hämeenlinnan jäähalli. HPK was established in 1929 but the hockey team was not started until 1946. The full name of the club is HPK-Edustusjääkiekko Ry and the team is sometimes promoted as the "Hockey Playing Knights", with the logo representing a knight masked in a helmet. HPK won their first SM-liiga championship in 2006.

The team traditionally plays in the Easton Turnaus.

Current team

Number Nationality Player Glovehand Contract Length Birthplace
1 Flag of Finland Rasmus Rinne L 2012 Hyvinkää, Finland
19 Flag of Finland Teemu Lassila L 2011 Helsinki, Finland
77 Flag of Finland Juha Metsola L 2011 Tampere, Finland
Number Nationality Player Left/Right Handed Contract Length Birthplace
8 Flag of Sweden Mathias Porseland R 2011 (2012) Gothenburg, Sweden
21 Flag of Finland Jukka Laamanen L 2012 Savonlinna, Finland
25 Flag of Finland Santeri Alatalo L 2011 Tampere, Finland
34 Flag of Finland Joni Haverinen L 2011 Vantaa, Finland
36 Flag of Finland Marko Tuulola L 2011 Hämeenlinna, Finland
43 Flag of Finland Lauri Kärmeniemi R 2012 Hämeenlinna, Finland
50 Flag of Finland Aleksi Holmberg L 2011 Helsinki, Finland
73 Flag of Finland Tuukka Mäkelä L 2012 Helsinki, Finland
51 Flag of Finland Ville Hietikko R 2011 Hyvinkää, Finland
Number Nationality Player Left/Right Handed Position Contract Length Birthplace
9 Flag of Finland Jyrki Louhi L RW 2011 Nurmo, Finland
10 Flag of Finland Antti Roppo R RW 2012 Tampere, Finland
14 Flag of Finland Miikka Männikkö R RW 2011 Tampere, Finland
29 Flag of Finland Jaakko Turtiainen L F 2011 Helsinki, Finland
31 Flag of Finland Toni Häppölä L C 2011 Helsinki, Finland
39 Flag of Finland Ville Viitaluoma L C 2012 Espoo, Finland
55 Flag of Finland Janne Kolehmainen L RW 2012 Lappeenranta, Finland
61 Flag of Finland Joona Karevaara R LW 2011 Hämeenlinna, Finland
71 Flag of Finland Juuso Puustinen R RW 2012 Kuopio, Finland
85 Flag of Finland Niko Nieminen R RW 2011 Espoo, Finland
91 Flag of Latvia Kaspars Saulietis R RW try-out (2011) Riga, Latvia
8 Flag of the Czech Republic Tomas Knotek L C try-out (2011) Kladno, Czech Republic
72 Flag of Finland Arsi Piispanen R C 2011 Jyväskylä, Finland
79 Flag of Finland Tuukka Pulliainen L C try-out (2011) Turku, Finland

Notable players

Karri Rämö shared the netminding duties with Miika Wiikman during the 2005-06 season. Image from the match vs. HIFK, January 2006.

Retired numbers

  • 2 - Eero Salisma
  • 13 - Marko Palo
  • 17 - Juha Hietanen
  • 18 - Aleksi Virtanen
  • 24 - Mika Lartama (not currently displayed because of drug conviction in 2005)[1]



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