HK Liepājas Metalurgs
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Founded 1998
History Liepājas Metalurgs
1998-1999 – present
Arena Olimpiskā ledus halle
City Liepāja
Team Colors Midnight Blue, Red, White


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General Manager Flag of Latvia Mihails Vasiļonoks
Head Coach Flag of Latvia Vladimirs Golubovičs
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HK Liepājas Metalurgs is a Belarusian Extraliga team based in Liepāja, Latvia. The club's 2nd team plays in the Latvian Hockey League.

History Edit

Football and Hockey Club 'Liepajas Metalurgs founded in 1997. In the company of the same name board chairman Sergei Zaharjins decided to support the city football. In 1998 the arena of the team - Olimpiskā ledus halle was built. Season set out to create a professional hockey team, which would serve as an example and should aim to be pursued for young hockey players.

During this time, Liepājas Metalurgs six times (1998/99, 1999/00, 2001/02, 2002/03, 2007/2008, 2008/2009) has become the Latvian champions, twice won silver awards (2000/01, 2005/06) and has claimed the third spot three times (2003/04, 2004/05, 2006/07). Six times the team played the Eastern Hockey League, wich was won in 2002. Later, the team appeared in the Belarus Championship.

Ice Hockey Liepaja sporting life over the years has taken his own special place. Set up a pyramid of ice hockey from the smallest, with only learn to skate until meistarkomandai. Furthermore, the new generation of local hockey is already perceptible addition to Latvian youth, after years of samples and hopefully also complement the adult sample. Already, "Liepajas Metalurgs players are summoned to the Latvian valstsvienība.Last year they had Juris Ozols, Vents Feldmanis and Dmitry Zhabotinsky. Last year, the Turin Winter Olympic Games went Vladimir Mamonov, he also participated in the World Championship in Riga. For many seasons the audience with their hit game delight Roman Nikitin, but a true team captain became Eduard Ivanov, who Liepajas Metalurgs is the very first season.

Notable Players Edit

Flag of Latvia
  • Māris Jass
  • Sergejs Louskins

Current rosterEdit

# Player Pos. Catches Height Weight D.O.B. Place of Birth
1 Flag of Latvia Imants Legzda G L 186 cm 98 kg Mar. 4, 1983 Riga, Latvia
31 Flag of Latvia Māris Jucers G L 190 cm 80 kg Jun. 18, 1987 Priekule, Latvia
61 Flag of Latvia Dmitrijs Žabotinskis G L 170 cm 79 kg Jan. 19, 1980 Ogre, Latvia
# Player Pos. Catches Height Weight D.O.B. Place of Birth
3 Flag of Latvia Vents Feldmanis D L 177 cm 83 kg Mar. 7, 1977 Jūrmala, Latvia
5 Flag of Russia Sergei Gubin D L 175 cm 80 kg Jun. 19, 1977 Novosibirsk, Russia
7 Flag of Latvia Edmunds Kniksts D L 185 cm 87 kg Mar. 10, 1982 Riga, Latvia
8 Flag of Latvia Sergejs Tjoluškins D L 176 cm 80 kg May 7, 1983 Riga, Latvia
21 Flag of Latvia Eduards Ivanovs D L 187 cm 97 kg Jan. 22, 1978 Jūrmala, Latvia
29 Flag of Latvia Aleksejs Bihanovs D 179 cm 75 kg Jan. 28, 1984 Riga, Latvia
70 Flag of Russia Sergei Olkhovtsev D L 184 cm 84 kg Oct. 19, 1987 Moscow, Russia
# Player Pos. Catches Height Weight D.O.B. Place of Birth
9 Flag of Latvia Mārcis Zembergs F R 185 cm 85 kg Dec. 3, 1988 Riga, Latvia
15 Flag of Latvia Māris Grāvītis F L 179 cm 87 kg Mar. 14, 1981 Riga, Latvia
16 Flag of Latvia Valerijs Fiļimonovs C L 177 cm 87 kg Aug. 17, 1979 Riga, Latvia
17 Flag of Latvia Edijs Brahmanis F R 184 cm 88 kg Nov. 17, 1983 Riga, Latvia
18 Flag of Latvia Sergejs Daņilovs F R 187 cm 80 kg Feb. 16, 1989 Madona, Latvia
19 Flag of Latvia Bruno Zabis F L 177 cm 73 kg Jan. 15, 1991 Liepāja, Latvia
22 Flag of Latvia Aldis Āboliņš F L 184 cm 85 kg Mar. 6, 1985 Talsi, Latvia
24 Flag of Latvia Raivis Kurnigins F L 183 cm 73 kg Dec. 13, 1989 Aizkraukle, Latvia
28 Flag of Latvia Vladimirs Mamonovs LW L 176 cm 86 kg Apr. 22, 1980 Riga, Latvia
32 Flag of Latvia Juris Ozols C L 183 cm 83 kg Apr. 6, 1977 Riga, Latvia
33 Flag of Lithuania Darius Pliskauskas C L 178 cm 88 kg Sep. 29, 1980 Elektrėnai, Lithuania
49 Flag of Latvia Oļegs Koreškovs F L 186 cm 90 kg Aug. 16, 1984 Riga, Latvia
55 Flag of Latvia Jānis Puriņš F L 190 cm 96 kg Jun. 13, 1987 Riga, Latvia
67 Flag of Russia Konstantin Mikhailov F L 181 cm 79 kg Feb. 12, 1983 Moscow, Russia
71 Flag of Latvia Toms Zeltiņš F 184 cm 75 kg Aug. 10, 1986 Riga, Latvia
81 Flag of Latvia Arturs Mickēvičs F 182 cm 70 kg Jan. 2, 1991 Talsi, Latvia
87 Flag of Latvia Gunārs Skvorcovs F L 186 cm 86 kg Jan. 13, 1990 Saldus, Latvia
93 Flag of Russia Aleksandr Gorshkov F L 186 cm 100 kg Jan. 23, 1988 Moscow, Russia



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