HC Zubr Přerov
Znak HC Zubr Přerov.jpg
City: Přerov, Czech Republic
League: Chance Liga
Founded: 1928
Home Arena: MEO Aréna Přerov (3,000 places, 1,951 seats)
Head Coach: Vladimír Kočara
General Manager: Ing. Tomáš Pluháček
Franchise history
1928: SK Přerov
1953: TJ Spartak Meopta Přerov
1975: TJ Meochema Přerov
1995: HC Přerov
2000: HC Minor 2000 Přerov
2006: HC Zubr Přerov

HC Zubr Přerov is an ice hockey team currently playing in the Czech Chance Liga. The club is based in Přerov and their home arena is MEO Aréna Přerov. The team is sponsored by the Zubr brewery.

Actual Roster[edit | edit source]

Position Number Name Born Height Weight Shoots/Catches
G #1 Daniel Huf April 17, 1999 5ft 9in (175cm) 148lb (67kg) L
G #1 Michal Postava February 28, 2002 6ft 0in (182cm) 179lb (81kg) L
G #28 Martin Holík May 28, 1999 6ft 0in (183cm) 172lb (78kg) L
G #33 Lukáš Klimeš July 14, 1994 6ft 1in (185cm) 176lb (80kg) L
G #90 Ondřej Kacetl October 15, 1990 6ft 0in (182cm) 165lb (75kg) L
G #95 Daniel Dvořák January 9, 2000 6ft 3in (190cm) 183lb (83kg) L
D #4 Radek Kučeřík December 21, 2001 6ft 3in (191cm) 209lb (95kg) L
D #12 Mikuláš Zbořil May 30, 1994 5ft 11in (181cm) 181lb (82kg) L
D #18 Filip Král October 20, 1999 6ft 1in (185cm) 172lb (78kg) L
D #26 Jan Dluhoš January 21, 2000 5ft 10in (178cm) 172lb (78kg) L
D #29 Matyáš Gréč May 29, 2002 5ft 7in (170cm) 137lb (62kg) L
D #62 Jiří Krisl November 24, 1985 6ft 1in (185cm) 234lb (106kg) L
D #65 Tomáš Dřímal June 10, 2000 5ft 11in (180cm) 187lb (85kg) R
D #69 Lukáš Forman January 11, 1994 6ft 1in (185cm) 170lb (77kg) L
D #97 Josef Hrabal August 17, 1985 6ft 2in (187cm) 190lb (86kg) L
D # Jan Fencl February 26, 2002 6ft 0in (184cm) 192lb (87kg) L
F #7 Radek Číp June 17, 1992 6ft 2in (187cm) 209lb (95kg) R
F #8 Jan Süss January 5, 1999 6ft 3in (190cm) 190lb (86kg) L
F #9 Martin Ryšavý March 6, 2003 6ft 0in (182cm) 174lb (79kg) L
F #10 David Dobša August 6, 2001 6ft 0in (182cm) 174lb (79kg) R
F #11 Jan Štefka February 18, 1997 6ft 3in (191cm) 194lb (88kg) L
F #15 Vlastimil Dostálek August 23, 1994 6ft 3in (190cm) 192lb (87kg) L
F #24 Tomáš Doležal September 29, 1990 5ft 11in (181cm) 181lb (82kg) L
F #27 Darek Hejcman November 14, 1994 6ft 0in (182cm) 181lb (82kg) R
F #43 Vojtěch Dobiáš July 18, 2000 6ft 0in (184cm) 192lb (87kg) L
F #47 Jiří Goiš August 10, 1989 5ft 11in (180cm) 190lb (86kg) L
F #61 Jakub Svoboda December 27, 1989 6ft 2in (188cm) 205lb (93kg) R
F #71 Daniel Indrák January 27, 2001 5ft 11in (181cm) 163lb (74kg) L
F #86 Matěj Svoboda July 12, 2000 6ft 0in (182cm) 181lb (82kg) L
F #91 Roman Pšurný February 23, 1986 6ft 1in (185cm) 187lb (85kg) L
F #93 Filip Dvořák March 9, 1997 6ft 1in (186cm) 181lb (82kg) R
Average 24 year old 6ft 0in (184cm) 183lb (83kg)

Team Staff[edit | edit source]

Role Number Born
Head coach Vladimír Kočara May 19, 1977
Assistant coach Jakub Grof May 16, 1981
Conditioning coach Jakub Fryč April 10, 1991
Goaltending coach and videocoach Jiří Sklenář January 10, 1992
Skills coach Vít Černohous November 2, 1995
Team manager Pavel Hanák October 30, 1979
Equipment manager Lukáš Menšík May 3, 1988
Equipment manager Vladimír Kopečný
Masseur Hana Plhalová
Physiotherapist Robert Holas
Doctor MUDr. Jiří Babuščák
Doctor MUDr. Pavel Maršálek

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