HC Vita Hästen
HC Vita Hästen
City Flag of Sweden Norrköping, Sweden
League HockeyAllsvenskan
Founded 1996 (1996)
Home arena Himmelstalundshallen
Colors Red and white
General manager Fredrik Jensen[1]
Head coach Niklas Czarnecki

HC Vita Hästen is a Swedish ice hockey club, based in Norrköping, which was founded following the bankruptcy of a previous club called IK Vita Hästen. The team plays in HockeyAllsvenskan, the second tier of the Swedish ice hockey system, as of the 2014–15 season.

The current team was founded as Norrköping Hockey immediately following the bankruptcy of the previous club. Norrköping Hockey soon merged with Skärblacka IF to form NSH-96, which soon thereafter took the name Hästen Hockey. Years later, in 2007, the club retook the name "Vita Hästen", but were required by the league to use "HC Vita Hästen" rather than "IK Vita Hästen" to avoid confusion with the first incarnation of "Vita Hästen".[2] The name "Vita Hästen" literally translates to "[The] White Horse".

The previous club, IK Vita Hästen, was a merger in 1967 of the ice hockey sections of rivaling teams IFK Norrköping and IK Sleipner. The merged club was formally called "IF IFK/IKS" but mostly referred to simply as "Norrköping" in the league tables in newspapers and such. However, since IFK Norrköping played in white jerseys and Sleipner was the name of a horse (norse god Oden's horse), the team soon got the nickname "vita hästen", i e "the white horse". By 1973, this name was so commonly used that it was chosen as the actual club name.


Season Level Division Record Avg.
Position W-T-L
2004–05 Tier 3 Division 1D 8th 16–4–16 848 [3]
2005–06 Tier 3 Division 1D 3rd 19–5–12 685 [3]
2006–07 Tier 3 Division 1D 4th 18–6–12 494 [3]
Division 1D (spring) 1st 5–0–1 215
2007–08 Tier 3 Division 1D 1st 22–2–3 819 First season as HC Vita Hästen [3]
AllEttan Mellan 4th 6–4–4 1,425
2008–09 Tier 3 Division 1E 2nd 21–2–0–4 1,213 [3]
AllEttan Södra 5th 7–0–1–6 1,395
2009–10 Tier 3 Division 1E 3rd 16–0–2–9 1,004 [3]
AllEttan Södra 2nd 8–2–2–2 2,153 Bye to Playoff 2
Playoff to HA qualifier Round 2
Round 3
2,212 Won 2–0 in games vs Hudikvalls HC
Lost 1–2 in games vs Tingsryds AIF
2010–11 Tier 3 Division 1E 1st 20–4–0–3 1,260 [3]
AllEttan Södra 1st 10–2–1–1 2,096 Bye to Playoff 3
Playoff to HA qualifier Round 3 2–0–0–0 3,170 Won 3–0 in games vs Enköpings SK HK
HockeyAllsvenskan qualifier 6th 1–1–1–7 1,823
2011–12 Tier 3 Division 1E 1st 23–1–2–1 1,210 [3]
AllEttan Södra 1st 11–1–1–1 2,003 Bye to Playoff 3
Playoff to HA qualifier Round 3 1–0–1–1 2,950 Lost 1–2 in games vs Karlskrona HK
2012–13 Tier 3 Division 1E 1st 21–3–1–2 1,542 [4]
AllEttan Södra 1st 10–0–1–3 1,762 Bye to Playoff 3 [5]
Playoff to HA qualifier Round 3 1–1–0–0 3,580 Won 2–0 in games vs Kiruna IF [6]
HockeyAllsvenskan qualifier 4th 4–1–1–4 2,315 [7]
2013–14 Tier 3 Division 1E 1st 18–2–4–3 1,267 [8]
AllEttan Södra 1st 9–1–2–2 1,998 Bye to Playoff 3 [9]
Playoff to HA qualifier Round 3 1–1–0–0 3,729 Won 2–0 in games vs Visby/Roma HK [10]
HockeyAllsvenskan qualifier 1st 6–2–1–1 3,772 increase Promoted to HockeyAllsvenskan [11]

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