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HC Sochi
HC Sochi Logo.png
Full name Hockey Club Sochi
Nickname(s) Sochi Leopards
Founded 2014
Based In Sochi, Russia
Arena Bolshoy Ice Dome
(Capacity: 12,000)
League Kontinental Hockey League
Division Tarasov
Conference Western
Owner(s) Gazprom
Head Coach Vyacheslav Butsayev
Captain Andrei Pervyshin

Hockey Club Sochi (Russian: Хоккейный клуб Сочи) is a professional ice hockey team based in Sochi, Russia. The team joined the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) in 2014–15 season. The head coach is a former NHL player and former coach of CSKA Moscow Vyacheslav Butsayev.


On May 23, 2014, it was reported that Detroit Red Wings' pending restricted free agent centre Cory Emmerton had signed with HC Sochi to begin play in the Kontinental Hockey League with the 2014–15 season, becoming the first import player signed in Franchise history.[1]


Current Roster

Updated November 19, 2014.[2]

# Nat Player Pos S/G Age Acquired Birthplace
23 Flag of Russia Akhmetov, RafaelRafael Akhmetov

F L 33 2014 Leninogorsk, Russian SFSR
22 Flag of Russia Anisin, MikhailMikhail Anisin

RW L 34 2014 Moscow, Russian SFSR
27 Flag of Russia Derlyuk, RomanRoman Derlyuk

D L 35 2014 St. Petersburg, Russian SFSR
25 Flag of Canada Emmerton, CoryCory Emmerton

C L 34 2014 St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
50 Flag of Russia Gavrilov, AndreiAndrei Gavrilov

G L 34 2014 St. Petersburg, Russian SFSR
79 Flag of Russia Gurkin, YefimYefim Gurkin

 Injured Reserve

D L 29 2014 Ufa, Russia
18 Flag of Russia Ignatushkin, IgorIgor Ignatushkin


C L 38 2014 Elektrostal, Russian SFSR
36 Flag of Finland Järvinen, JoonasJoonas Järvinen

D L 33 2014 Turku, Finland
2 Flag of Russia Koledov, PavelPavel Koledov

D R 27 2014 Novosibirsk, Russia
46 Flag of Belarus Kostitsyn, AndreiAndrei Kostitsyn

W L 37 2014 Novopolotsk, Belarusian SSR
17 Flag of Russia Krikunov, IlyaIlya Krikunov

RW L 38 2014 Elektrostal, Russian SFSR
7 Flag of Russia Kriukov, ArtemArtem Kriukov

C L 40 2014 Novosibirsk, Russia
8 Flag of Russia Krutov, AlexeiAlexei Krutov

LW L 38 2014 Moscow, Russian SFSR
37 Flag of Russia Lapenkov, EvgenyEvgeny Lapenkov

F L 37 2014 Moscow, Russian SFSR
81 Flag of Russia Lebedev, KirillKirill Lebedev

F L 30 2014 Magnitogorsk, Russian SFSR
13 Flag of Russia Lyuduchin, RomanRoman Lyuduchin

RW L 34 2014 Penza, Russian SFSR
55 Flag of Russia Morozov, EgorEgor Morozov

 Injured Reserve

F L 27 2014 Togliatti, Russia
21 Flag of Canada Olver, MarkMark Olver

 Injured Reserve

C L 34 2014 Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
78 Flag of Russia Pautov, YuriYuri Pautov

D L 27 2014 Yaroslavl, Russia
9 Flag of Russia Pervyshin, AndreiAndrei Pervyshin

 (CInjured Reserve

D L 37 2014 Arkhangelsk, Russian SFSR
20 Flag of Sweden Petersson, AndréAndré Petersson

RW R 31 2014 Olofström, Sweden
47 Flag of Russia Petrov, AlekseyAleksey Petrov

D L 39 2014 Vorkuta, Russian SFSR
24 Flag of Russia Plekhanov, AndreiAndrei Plekhanov

D R 35 2014 Nizhnekamsk, Russian SFSR
1 Flag of the Czech Republic Pöpperle, TomasTomas Pöpperle

G L 37 2014 Broumov, Czech Republic
77 Flag of Russia Scherbina, AlexanderAlexander Scherbina

F L 33 2014 Leningrad, Russian SFSR
3 Flag of Russia Sedunov, ArtemArtem Sedunov

D L 34 2014 Omsk, Russian SFSR
42 Flag of Russia Shchitov, NikitaNikita Shchitov


D L 39 2014 Ufa, Russian SFSR
88 Flag of Russia Shevchenko, AlexanderAlexander Shevchenko

RW R 29 2014 Belgorod, Russia
15 Flag of Russia Shishkanov, TimofeiTimofei Shishkanov

RW R 39 2014 Moscow, Russian SFSR
30 Flag of Russia Volkov, AlexeiAlexei Volkov

G L 42 2014 Yekaterinburg, Russian SFSR
14 Flag of Finland Wärn, MaxMax Wärn

LW L 34 2014 Helsinki, Finland
19 Flag of the United States Whitney, RyanRyan Whitney

D L 39 2014 Boston, Massachusetts, USA
5 Flag of the United States Wilson, ClayClay Wilson

D L 39 2014 Fridley, Minnesota, USA


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