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HC Alleghe
City: Alleghe, Italy
League: Serie A
Founded: 1946
Home Arena: Stadio Alvise De Toni
(2,500 places)
Colors: Red and white
General Manager: Flag of Italy Renato Rossi
Head Coach: Flag of Canada Steve McKenna
Playoff Championships: Alpenliga: 1993

HC Alleghe is a professional hockey team in Alleghe, Italy. They currently play in the Serie A in Italy.

Prior to World War II, hockey was a big sport in the area and attracted many enthusiastic athletes. The hockey club was not organized until 1946, however. The team played on a natural ice rink on a nearby lake until 1952 when the rink was moved to a river.

The team was not very successful. The introduction of import players (mostly Italian-Canadians) raised salaries in the Serie A. This forced Alleghe to drop to the lower Serie B.

It won the B title in 1963 and was entitled to rejoin Serie A. Alleghe did so on 1965 but dropped out at the end of the season because of financial problems.

The team restarted in 1970 with an outdoor artificial ice rink. It won the Serie C championship and quickly jumped back into the Serie A. The rink was covered in 1985.

The team was the surprise winner of the Alpenliga in 1992-93.

HC Alleghe players who played in the NHL

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