Greek National Team
2009-10 Greek National Team season
Senior team
Head coach Flag of Greece Panagiotis Efkarpidis
Assistant(s) Flag of Greece Ioannis Tilios
Captain Dimitris Kalyvas
IIHF ranking 46th
Most games played Dimitris Kalyvas (30)
Most points Dimitris Kalyvas (38)
Highest IIHF ranking 46th (2009)
Lowest ranking 46th (2008)
U20 team
U18 team

The Greek National Team is the team featuring the best players from Greece.

Led by captain Dimitris Kalyvas, the team has faced extinction when the Greek government 13 years ago decided to cut funding in the ice hockey program. Kalyvas and the National Team stuck together, pooled their money to travel to Czech Republic when the last Greek arena closed and, in 2007, after the Greek government accepted to fund ice hockey via the Hellenic Ice Sports Federation, the team and the sport revived in the country. The International Ice Hockey Federation accepted to let the Greek team take part in the 2008 DIII World Championship Qualification held in Bosnia-and-Herzegovina. Greece won the qualification and earned the right to take part in the 2008 World Championship DIII in Luxembourg. Greece finished 4th and secured its place for the 2009 World Championship Division III.

All-time performancesEdit

Flag of Greece All-time standings of the Greek National Team at the IIHF World Championships
Year Senior WC U20 WC U18 WC
1992 21st (3rd in Pool C, Group D) Did not participate Did not participate
1995 38th (9th in Pool C, Group B) Did not participate Did not participate
1998 40th (8th in Pool D) Did not participate Did not participate
1999 39th (8th in Pool D) Did not participate Did not participate
2008 1st in Division III qualif. - -
2008 45th (5th in Division III) Did not participate Did not participate
2009 44th (4th in Division III) Did not participate Did not participate
2010 (2nd in Division III, Group B) Did not participate Did not participate

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