The Great Plains Athletic Conference (GPAC) was a member of the Canadian Interuniversity Athletics Union (CIAU). It was formed in 1972 when the Western Intercollegiate Athletic Association split in two. The western teams (Victoria, UBC, Alberta, Calgary, and Saskatchewan) formed the Canada West Universities Athletic Association while the eastern teams (Brandon, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Lakehead from the ICHA, and later Regina) formed the GPAC (usually referred to as "G Pac"). This situation continued until 1985 when the two leagues reunited under the Canada West banner in hockey, and in 1988 in all sports.

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Season Champion Runner-up Final Series
1972-73 Lakehead Winnipeg no playoffs
1973-74 Brandon Winnipeg no playoffs
1974-75 Brandon Manitoba no playoffs
1975-76 Manitoba Brandon no playoffs
1976-77 Manitoba Regina no playoffs
1977-78 Regina Lakehead 2-1
1978-79 Regina Manitoba 2-0
1979-80 Regina Brandon 2-1
1980-81 Brandon Manitoba 2-0
1981-82 Regina Brandon 2-1
1982-83 Brandon Manitoba 2-1
1983-84 Manitoba Brandon 2-1
1984-85 Manitoba Regina 2-0

Logos and PhotosEdit

Brandon Bobcats Logo

Brandon Bobcats Logo


Winnipeg Wesmen 80s Logo


Winnipeg Wesmen logo

1966 wesmen bad name.ed

Wesmen Uniter Story

Winnipeg Wesmen

Winnipeg Wesmen wordmark


Norwesters 60s

Lakehead mascot



Lakehead Nor'westers 1970s

Lakehead players athletics-2

Dwight Stirrett, Dave Siciliano, and Murray Smith


Manitoba Bisons Logo

2004 bisons v Juniors -871204DFCB913C54

Bisons v Team Canada Juniors 2004


Regina Cougars Original Logo

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