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A view of Glace Bay.

Glace Bay was a town of about 17,000 people in Nova Scotia, Canada. It was located on Cape Breton Island.

It is now part of the city of Cape Breton.


  1. (Eastern Professional Hockey League, 1914-1915) withdrew
  2. Cape Breton Senior Hockey League, 1937-1942)
  3. (Cape Breton Senior Hockey League, 1946-1950) join Cape Breton Major Hockey League
  4. (Cape Breton Major Hockey League, 1950-1951) join Maritime Major Hockey League
  5. (Maritime Major Hockey League, 1951-1954)
  6. (Cape Breton Senior Hockey League, 1956-1964) renamed Moosehead Miner
  1. (Cape Breton Junior B Hockey League, 1967-1968)
  2. (Eastern Junior A Hockey League, 1974-1980)
  3. (Maritime Junior A Hockey League, 1997-1997) fold before play, had moved from neighbouring Sydney, when area got QMJHL team franchise originally named Cape Breton Islanders
  4. (Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League, 2010-Present)



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