Wilfred Harold "Gizzy" Hart (born June 1, 1902 in Weyburn, Saskatchewan; died June 22, 1964) was a professional ice hockey left wing who played 100 games in the National Hockey League. Harold played with the Montreal Canadiens and Detroit Red Wings. Hart also played for the Victoria Cougars winning the Stanley Cup in 1925.

He started out in senior hockey with his hometown Weyburn Wanderers and then with the Moose Jaw Maple Leafs from 1918 to 1923. The Victoria Cougars of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association signed him in 1923 and he played for them until 1926, winning the Stanley Cup in 1925.

After these Cougars folded in 1926, Hart joined the NHL's Detroit Cougars. In December he was sold to the Montreal Canadiens and he played two seasons for them. In 1928 he was sent down to the Providence Reds until 1932. He was called up again in 1932-33 for one season. After playing in 1933-34 for the Reds Hart retired.

He returned to his hometown of Weyburn and coached the senior Weyburn Beavers for four years.

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