The Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic (Georgian: საქართველოს საბჭოთა სოციალისტური რესპუბლიკა sakartvelos sabch'ota socialist'uri resp'ublik'a; Russian: Грузинская Советская Социалистическая Республика Gruzinskaya Sovetskaya Sotsialisticheskaya Respublika), also known as the Georgian SSR for short, was one of the republics that made up the former Soviet Union.

The Socialist Soviet Republic of Georgia was established on February 25, 1921. On March 2 of the following year the first constitution of Soviet Georgia was accepted.

On October 28, 1990, democratic parliamentary elections were held, and on November 15 the nation was renamed the "Republic of Georgia." It declared independence on April 9, 1991, under Zviad Gamsakhurdia. However, this was unrecognized by the Soviet government and Georgia was in the USSR until its collapse in December 1991

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