George Carey was a Canadian professional ice hockey right winger. He was born in Quebec City, Quebec. He first played for Quebec Bulldogs in National Hockey Association winning the Stanley Cup in 1912. He later played 5 seasons in the National Hockey League for the Quebec Bulldogs, Hamilton Tigers and Toronto St. Pats.

He played senior hockey in Quebec City from 1912 to 1916, including with the Quebec Crescents and the Quebec St. Patricks. Carey played in one game for the Quebec Bulldogs in 1912, a year that the team won the Stanley Cup.

Carey rejoined the Bulldogs in the National Hockey Association in 1916-17, scoring 8 goals and 13 assists in 21 games. The following season the National Hockey League (NHL) was formed but the Bulldogs sat out. Carey was assigned by the league to the Montreal Wanderers but he refused to report. The NHL then suspended Carey for the 1917-18 and 1918-19 seasons.

In 1919-20 the Bulldogs were reactivated and Carey agreed to play for the team. He transferred with the team to the Hamilton Tigers the following season. In 1922-23 Carey was loaned to the Calgary Tigers. The Toronto St. Pats accquired him in a trade in 1923-24. He played 4 games for them and then retired.

In the NHL Carey played in 72 games and scored 21 goals and 12 assists.

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