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A view of Gananoque.

Gananoque is a town of about 5000 people in eastern Ontario, Canada just east of Kingston.

It is on the boundary between the Ontario Hockey Association and the Ottawa District Hockey Association and has entered teams in both series at various times.


  • Gananoque
  1. (Ontario Hockey Association Jr., 1928-1932)
  2. (OHA Senior B, 1932-1933, 1934-1935)
  3. (OHA Intermediate A, 1933-1934)
  4. (Rideau Group, 1945-1946)
  5. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior A, 1950-1951) was an Intermediate A team
  6. (1950-51 OHA Intermediate A Playoffs) had played Senior A level this season
  1. (Eastern Ontario Junior Hockey League, 1972-present)
  2. (Ottawa District Senior Hockey League, 1975-1976)


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