Günther Sabetzki (b. June 4th 1915 in Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany - d. June 21st 2000) is the former leader of several ice hockey organizations.

Founding member of the German Ice Hockey Federation in 1963, Sabetzki co-presided the federation with Ludwig Zametzer. In 1966, Sabetzki is allowed into the International Ice Hockey Federation as member; he became president of the Federation in 1975. His major contributions during his tenure as IIHF president were the return of Canada in the Olympics in 1980 and the bridging of the gap between North American and European hockey. His presidency would last intil 1994; during its 19 years, 21 new countries joined the Federation, for a total of 51 when he stepped out.

Sabetzki was inducted to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1995.

Preceded by
John F. "Bunny" Ahearne
President of the IIHF
Succeeded by
René Fasel
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