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Cristobal Huet (b. September 3rd 1975 in Saint-Martin d'Hères, France) is a former professional goaltender who plays in the National Hockey League for the Washington Capitals.

Only the second French player to reach the NHL, Huet established himself as an NHL-capable player by first backing up then outplaying an injured Roman Cechmanek with the Los Angeles Kings. Traded to the Montreal Canadiens for Mathieu Garon, the then-injured Huet had to wait before earning his first start with his new team. When José Théodore injured himself, Huet was asked to replace him. He did it so convincingly that he litterally stole Théodore's spot as the Habs' number one goalie and saved an otherwise bad Habs season, helping the team secure a playoffs berth and earning the Roger Crozier Trophy at the end of the season as the goaltender having averaged the lowest goal against average in the league.

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