Anaheim Ducks–Los Angeles Kings
First Meeting December 2, 1993
Last Meeting April 6, 2010
Next Meeting November 29, 2010
Number of Meetings 135
All-Time Series 64-60-11 (ANA)
Regular Season Series 61-56-11 (ANA)
Post-Season Meetings 1-0 (LA)
Longest Win Streak 7 (1/26/2006-12/2/2006
Post Season History
2014 Western Conference Semifinals Kings won 4-3

The term Freeway Face-off refers to a series of hockey games played between the National Hockey League's Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings, both of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference. The series takes its name from the massive freeway system in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, the home of both teams; one could travel from one team's arena to the other simply by traveling along Interstate 5. The term is akin to the Freeway Series which refers to meetings between the Los Angeles area baseball teams.


Along with the enmity shared between the city of Los Angeles and adjacent Orange County similar to baseball's Freeway Series, the Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks share an on-ice rivalry due to sheer geographic proximity. The two teams are situated in the same metropolitan area, and share a television market. The rivalry started with the Ducks' inaugural season in 1993–94, and has since continued.

The Kings last made an appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals in 1993, but have popped back into the playoff picture on five different seasons. The Ducks since their inauguration have made the playoffs seven times. As of 2009–10, the Kings and Ducks have never met in the playoffs, nor made the playoffs in the same year. Since 2003, the Ducks recent success in the playoffs, including the winning of the Stanley Cup in 2007 has bolstered Anaheim's fan base, at the same time the Kings' fan base still remains intact with loyal fans despite a recent lack of success. The Ducks also went to the Finals during their Cinderella run of 2003.

During regular season (and, to some extent, pre-season) games, Kings fans arrive at the Honda Center in numbers for away games against the Ducks, and Ducks fans have done the same at Staples Center. Games between the Southern California crosstown-rivals are often very physical and fight-filled. The rivalry was showcased for the NHL premier in London at the start of the 2007–08 NHL season with two games between the teams.

The rivalry was further heated during the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, which was hosted by the Kings in their home arena of Staples Center. When the Ducks took the stage to announce their 1st round, 12 overall pick, the audience predominantly consisting of Kings fans, let out boos.[1]

Prior to 2007, there was no official name for the regular season meetings between the Ducks and Kings, the "Freeway Face-off" name was chosen by a poll of 12,000 local hockey fans. Other names being considered were "Freeze-way Series" and "Ice-5 Series." [2]

Common playersEdit


Sean (ANA: 1995—98; LA: 1999) and Chris Pronger (ANA: 2006—09)

Other playersEdit

Several players have played for both teams, including:

The seriesEdit

Regular season resultsEdit

Year Series Winner Ducks W Kings W Tie Notes
1993–94 Kings 2 4 0 Mighty Ducks enfranchised prior to the season
1994–95 Ducks 2 1 2
1995–96 Kings 2 3 1
1996–97 Ducks 3 1 1
1997–98 Kings 1 3 1
1998–99 Ducks 5 1 0
1999–2000 Tie 2 2 2
2000–01 Tie 2 2 1
2001–02 Kings 0 4 1
2002–03 Tie 2 2 1 Mighty Ducks were the eventual Western Conference champions
2003–04 Kings 1 4 1
2005–06 Ducks 5 3 First year in the current points format (no more ties)
2006–07 Tie 4 4 Ducks were the eventual Stanley Cup champions
2007–08 Ducks 6 2
2008–09 Kings 3 3 Kings received 7 points to the Ducks 6 points
2009–10 Kings 2 4
2010–11 TBD 0 0 First meeting is Nov. 29 in Anaheim
Overall Kings (7-5-4) 43 43 11

Postseason seriesEdit

As of 2010, the Ducks and the Kings have never met in the postseason. Because both teams are in the same division, they could theoretically meet in the Conference Quarter-finals, Conference Semi-finals, or Conference Finals, but could not meet in the Stanley Cup finals unlike MLB's Angels and Dodgers (another rivalry in the area) who can only meet in the championship round (the World Series). To date, the two teams have never made the playoffs in the same year.

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